ChroniclerI sent out the announcement below ten days ago as a follow up to the earlier one calling for local chroniclers to report in or have their office considered vacant on November 1. This is a problem, as Chronicler is a required office for a group to maintain Baronial status. All chroniclers in Æthelmearc need to report in. This is not optional.

This is the list of chroniclers who have responded.

Rhydderich Hael
St. Swithin’s Bog

The chroniclers from the groups listed above have reported in. Thank you
for your prompt responses.

Previous message:

I sent out an email on this announcement list about two weeks ago requiring ALL chroniclers to report in with their contact information,  various bits of info etc. and their most recent newsletter in .PDF form  so that my successor could have a current list of all active  chroniclers. Per my conversations with Their Majesties, and the Kingdom Seneschal any chronicler not reporting in before November first with the
requested information will be deemed inactive, and their replacement sought. The reason for this is simple. For my entire tenure it has been impossible to get a complete list of current and active chroniclers, and I have found that several chronicler listings I have have been out of date for 6 plus years. This is not a problem I want my successor to have to deal with starting out.

To make it easier for people to report in our wonderful Kingdom Webmistress Lady Amalie (of her own initiative) developed a web form seemingly just a few hours after my email came out for me to approve, with everything on it, and implemented the changes I asked and made it live.

You can now find the web form link here.

I have gotten several emails in response to my email with chroniclers checking in (the 6 who have always been extremely good about checking in, and I thank you folks!) I hate to ask them to re-submit through the form (if you folks don’t mind though it will help put everything in one place if you do) but all of the rest of the chroniclers who have not responded to the last email, if you do not check in and report by November first you will be considered inactive and your office vacant. For those of you representing a Barony that might be a bit of a problem for your seneschal as I believe that Chronicler is still a required officer for a Barony

In service,
Master John Michael Thorpe
Æthelmearc Kingdom Chronicler