Corn Maze III is nigh!

Photo by Ursus.

Photo by Ursus.

Corn Maze III is hosted by the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais from November 4, 2016 at 4 PM to November 6, 2016 12 PM. The event takes place at Ard’s farm (4803 Old Turnpike Rd, Lewisburg, PA. 17837).

We caught up with HRH Timothy to discover what makes Corn Maze (or A&E War, which is the official name) different from other SCA events:

“Several years ago, THL Angus McClerie and I were driving through ACG, and we drove by a corn maze. I said to Angus, “wouldn’t it be sweet to have some melees in there?” His response made my heart leap: “I went to High School with the owner”.

“The first year, he told us we could have it for a few hours after he closed it on its last day before he plowed it under/harvested it. So we arranged for some construction lights, and at 8 pm on a Sunday night, with only three weeks notice, about 50 of us tromped through the maze with every goofy scenario we could come up with. Mostly they were traditional scenarios with a maze twist thrown in.

“The site is a corn maze of about 10 acres. In the middle of the maze is a bridge that we allow spectators to stand on and watch the fighting happening all around them; they wear safety goggles, as there is combat archery in most of the scenarios.

Photo by Ursus.

Photo by Ursus.

“The second year, we added fencing, and only fought heavy in the maze during the evening. Again, we migrated to whatever wacky scenario I could come up with. Bearing in mind I had a year to plot, I did get very creative, and that is how we ended up where we are now. The Corn Maze war is in no way, shape or form high medievalism; it is about having a good time. We fight pretty much all day and most of the night, with fighters taking a break as they feel like it. I run one scenario after another with only a brief break for dinner.

We do resurrection battles, free-for-alls, warlord tourneys, and our grand finale, the famed “zombie battle”. This battle is run several times, but the first one is the one that is the most epic. Each fighter is given a glow stick on a lanyard that they are to tie on their person. They can distribute themselves throughout the maze as they will. After all fighters have a chance to place themselves, I announce that they are to stop moving. Each fighter then breaks open their glow stick, and sees what side they are on. I turn out the construction lights, and call lay on. As each fighter dies, they resurrect. The resurrection points are either end of the bridge, and the maze separates them. From the bridge, the spectators get to see glow stick laden arrows fly through the air and the lights of fighters bobbing along thru the maze. I added a twist last year. I selected one fighter at random, and in secret, and told them they were patient zero. When they died, they didn’t resurrect. They were to wander through the maze, and try and kill stragglers, to increase the mob of zombies. At some point, the zombies reach a critical mass, and I call humanities’ last stand, and the red and blue team joins up, under the bridge, trying to fight off the ever increasing number of zombies.”

The autocrat is HRH Timothy of Arindale. The event page can be found here.
Adult Event Registration: $18
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $13
Children are free.
Please make checks out to SCA Inc, shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais.