kingdomarmsHere begins the report of the Court of Her Majesty Margerite, Queen of Æthelmearc, at Archers to the Wald in the Canton of Steltonwald, 8 October AS LI, accompanied by Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Golden Alce Herald, reporting.

Her Majesty thanked all who attended the event this day and all the staff for running this event at which She had such a wonderful time. His Majesty also sends His greetings and regrets that he was unable to attend this day.

Her Majesty gave leave to Their Excellencies of the Debatable Lands leave to conduct the business of Their Court.

Her Majesty gave leave to Lord Alrekr Bergsson to recognize some archers who had attained ranks in the Royal Round standings. Shelby Hernan, Vera Ivanova Tolstikova, and Alfonso de Santo Domingo, all achieved the rank of Archer, and he presented them with pewter medallions made by the hands of Lady Edana the Red.

Lord Alrekr had one further gentle to recognize but was unable to do so, thus he besought Her Majesty to make this recognition for him. Her Majesty summoned Devon Haugh before Her. Devon has achieved a Junior Royal Round average of 85, and was thus presented with a medallion, also by Lady Edana the Red to reflect his rank of Master Bowman. Her Majesty was further moved to recognize this remarkable achievement by inducting Devon into the Order of the Silver Alce. The scroll will be created by His Majesty at a later date.

Her Majesty next bade the children of the Kingdom to present themselves. So that they might be entertained she summoned forth the box of goodies, and the bearer of the day Alfonso de Santo Domingo that he might carry the box and run with it.

Her Majesty summoned THL Aemelia Soteria, the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion. This day she ran a tournament to determine her successor, and from among the finest throwers in the land, one rose above the rest. Master Juan Miguel Cezar proved himself most skilled this day and was named the Thrown Weapons Champion of Æthelmearc.

There was another champion to be determined this day, so Her Majesty summoned, Takamatsu-san Gentarou Yoshitaka, the Kingdom Archery Champion before her. The round robin style tournament had one archer rise above the rest, Ichikeiro-san Osoroshi, proved to be the best shot and so was named, Æthelmearc’s Archery Champion.

Her Majesty called for Caelfind in Eich Gil to attend Her. Their Majesties have heard much of the good works of this gentle and how she not only shoots, but also assists with setting up the range and tearing it down at the end of practice. For this it pleases Their Majesties to Award her Arms and make her a Lady of Their Court. Scroll by Brigette de

Her Majesty next had words for Sanada-san Masamoto Kenshin O’no Kuma. His skill with knife, axe and spear is a wonder to behold, and his rate of improvement is an achievement that all should seek to emulate. Thus does Her Majesty induct him into the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll illuminated by Isabel Fleuretan with calligraphy by Kameshima Zentarou Umakai.

Her Majesty next gave leave to Master Juan Miguel Cezar to do some business as a member of the Order of the Scarlet Guard. Juan Miguel had a notion to take a pair of students that he might further their interest in and service to archery, Lord Ru Cavorst and Lord Alrekr Bergsson. Juan Miguel however noticed an issue with the regalia that he had brought with him, that being the tassel of the members of the Scarlet Guard, rather than their students. He asked her Majesty if she know of a way that his error could be rectified, and so the Order of the Scarlet Guard was summoned to present themselves.

Lord Ru Cavorst was inducted into the Order of the Scarlet Guard and granted arms with a scroll by Graidhae ni Ruaidh.

Lord Alrekr Bergsson was inducted into the Order of the Scarlet Guard and granted arms, scroll forthcoming.

Her Majesty spoke of how one gentle this day inspired her with her willingness to assist the new members of the Society by taking time out of her day, while taking care of her own child to take care of the child of a family new to the Society so that the parents could get a chance to see what the event had to offer. For this Her Majesty named Lady Aisling Ngleantan Her inspiration of the day and awarded her a Golden Escarbuncle.

Her Majesty bid all the scribes who presented scrolls to this day’s Court to attend Her, and she presented them with a token in thanks of their hard work.

Her Majesty thanked everyone for being so welcoming to Her this day, and wished all a good night and a safe trip home.

Court Closed.