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From the Kingdom A&S Minister:

Today is November 16th. As of today, I have received 1 — as in ONE — A&S 4th quarter report. These reports are due by December 1st. (Online report form is here.)

Thank you, Fridrikr

From the Kingdom Webminister: 

Tap, tap, tap on little keys,
Fill out your Webminister report,
Oh, yes please!

Spend a few minutes, find a way,
Quarter 4 is due today! 

The groups below are all okay,
Info was received through survey. 

(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Please note these are the only local group reports received (as of 20 minutes ago): are

  • Angel’s Keep
  • BMDL
  • ACG
  • Ballachlagan
  • Coppertree
  • Silva Vulcani
  • Blackstone Mountain
  • Stormsport
  • Wyntersett

The online report form is here. 

Thank you for your attention!

In service, Amalie