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rhydderichhaeltheWelcome to the 2017 Ice Dragon Pentathlon!

My name is Jenna MacPherson of Lions Tower and I’m the coordinator for this year’s Ice Dragon A&S Pentathlon. Their Excellencies Rhydderich Hael invite artisans of all levels to bring your works for a day of friendly yet fierce competition on April 8, 2017.

This year we have some new additions to the Pent (outlined below) such as the 5-in-1 category and the special theme prize category. We have added one or two new subcategories and one new main category. We also have returning favorites:  the projects display-only area and the magnificent “failures” display, both hosted by Master Thorpe as in previous years. There is something for everyone.

The following is the list of categories and some general rules for the competition. Over the next few months, information will be forthcoming on the Æthelmearc Group/List, as well as in the Æstel and on the Facebook Page. Questions can be emailed to me.

I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful works of all the artisans!


The list of categories this year is similar to previous years with a couple of additions that I hope will inspire new levels of creativity as well as new avenues of expression for the artisans.

Please note the following requirements:

  1. Virgin Entries – works may not have been entered in any previous
    A&S competitions. ****NOTE RULE CHANGE**** items MAY be placed in
    Non-Judged displays and showcases. (Rule updated Nov. 19, 2016)
  2. No kits.
  3. Proxy entries will be allowed.
  4. Entrants are limited to ONE cross entry of ONE item only into ONE additional category. When cross entering you must supply a set of appropriate documentation to be present on the tables for each category entered.
  5. The Special Prize 5-in-1 category item is not in itself sufficient to enter the Grand Pentathlon. (See further detail posted on this page.)


  • Acc1: Textile
  • Acc2: Non-textile

Decorative items that enhance a person’s appearance (belts, hats, veils, jewelry, gloves, etc.)

ANIMAL ARTS Tools of the trade or accessories made for the use of animals (equestrian, beekeeping, hunting, farming, fishing, etc.)

APPLIED RESEARCH Extremely well researched items too simple or modest to compete fairly in a more traditional category. The score would be split between the research paper and the item, with the paper being worth more than half of the points.


  • Bev1: Beer & Ale
  • Bev2: Wine & Mead
  • Bev3: Cordials
  • Bev4: Other (including non-alcoholic)

A liquid prepared for human consumption.

The one-year stipulation on completion of entries starts at the time the beverage has completed fermentation and sufficiently aged to allow the flavors to meld, as per the recipe. When the entry becomes drinkable, the clock begins.

The documentation should include the details of your process.

Once a beverage has been entered it may not be entered in subsequent years.


  • C-G1: Pottery
  • C-G2: Glasswork
  • C-G3: Stained glass

Items made of ceramics or glass


  • Clo1: Pre-14th century
  • Clo2: Post-14th century

Garments that cover a person’s body.

Since the cut and fit of clothing changed during the 14th century, it is up to the entrant to choose which category they enter items based on 14th century garments.


  • Cul1: Main dish
  • Cul2: Side dish
  • Cul3: Sweets/ subtleties
  • Cul4: Breads

Items prepared for human consumption (beverages excluded)

CURIOSA Unique or unusual entries that don’t fit in any of the traditional categories.

Entries in this category must be approved by pent coordinator.


  • Fib1: Spinning
  • Fib2: Weaving
  • Fib3: Narrow work
  • Fib4: Dyeing
  • Fib5: Knitting, netting, nalbinding, etc.
  • Fib6: Other (felting, fabric printing, etc.)

The arts associated with making yarn/ string or items made from this type of material

HERALDIC DISPLAY Any item embellished or enhanced through the addition of heraldry

HISTORIC COMBAT ***New Category** entries of artistic endeavor showcasing a martial art of SCA period and/or used currently within the Society. The format is limited only by the entrant’s creativity and safety considerations.

SPECIAL NOTE:  No entry will be accepted if the presentation requires a marshal or safety equipment to be present. No active combat (by Society definition) of any type will be allowed.

HOUSEHOLD ARTS Items produced for everyday use in the home. (Toiletries, cosmetics, candles, needles, decor, etc.)

LEATHERWORKING Items made of leather or use of leather as a decorative element


  • Lit1: Research paper
  • Lit2: Musical arrange.& composition
  • Lit3: Poetry & prose

Written entries

Entries in Literary Arts must be received by me ***no later than March 11, 2017***

(See more information on Literary Arts Entries below)


  • Met1: Armor
  • Met2: Domestic
  • Met3: Jewelry

Items made of metal or use of metal as a decorative element

NEEDLEWORK Decorative sewing, embroidery and lace making


  • Perm1: Instrumental
  • Perm2: Vocal

Entries should not exceed 15 minutes and must be performed in the area where the judging is taking place.


  • Perf1: Physical (dance, juggling, etc.)
  • Perf2: Storytelling and Theatrical


  • Scr1: Calligraphy
  • Scr2: Illumination

Items that would be made by a scribe.

Handwritten and/or painted pages based on documents or manuscripts


  • Stu1: Drawing & Printmaking
  • Stu2: Painting
  • Stu3: Bookmaking

Various visual arts that require a specialized set of tools or space to create.

TOYS Items whose primary function is to be played with.

Articles that provide amusement or a way to pass time.


  • Wod1: Construction
  • Wod2: Embellishment
  • Wod3: Turning

Items made of wood or use of wood as a decorative element


  • You1: Ages 3-11
  • You2: Ages 12-17

Youth are not required to enter in these categories. They may choose to have their work judged as an equal to any adult entry in the category appropriate to the materials and/or construction.

SPECIAL PRIZE CATEGORY (new this year and as yet to be named)

The pent coordinator in consultation with Their Excellencies will announce a theme/item/topic do this category. Entries are limited only to the artists interpretation of that theme/topic/item. THE THEME CHOSEN  BY THEIR EXCELLENCIES IS “All Things Welsh.

SPECIAL CATEGORY 5-in-1 Project. Any ONE item that can qualify for entry in a minimum of 5 of the above listed main categories. This item may also be cross entered into ONE main category to count toward the grand Pentathlon Prize.

***Any category or sub-category may be expanded or combined to meet the needs of the entrants and/or judges.***

Entries in Literary Arts must be received electronically or postmarked by *** March 11, 2017 ***

Entries may be sent electronically or via hardcopy in the mail.

If you do not receive a confirmation email that an electronically submitted entry has been received within 24 hours of sending it, contact me.

Please contact me in advance if you are sending hard copy.

My mailing address or answers to any other questions you have about the Pent are available by emailing me.

please watch the Pent website and the Æthelmearc Kingdom calendar for more announcements.