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Citizens of Æthelmearc, good morning.

marcus_margerite_bwOur Monarchs Marcus and Margerite will be travelling to foreign lands and would like examples of the bounty and excellence of their people.

They are looking to put together gift baskets for TRMs to take to Market Day at Birka (East) and Gulf Wars (Meridies). Needed are artisans to contribute to these baskets. Needed are items that Their noble cousins can give to their populace as well as supporting their own Reigns. Suggestions include awards of excellence, or personal tokens that can be given out. Their Majesties are also hoping for someone to step forward to coordinate collection of these items over the next two months.

Their Majesties are also looking to commission an artisan or artisans to create personal tokens of their own to hand out while travelling. These would be given to individuals that inspire TRMs as well as thank you gifts for those that perform acts of personal service to Æthelmearc citizens abroad.

If you think you might be interested to add your talent to the pool, or wish to serve the Kingdom with your skills of organization, you are encouraged to contact TRMs’ majordomo Mester Janos. They are looking to have this position filled before the holiday break.

Their Majesties thank you for your continuing support and look forward to seeing many of you at Their 12th Night Celebrations this winter.