newwebUnto the Populace of Æthelmearc does the Kingdom Webminister, Lady Amalie Reinhardt, send warm greetings!

The new website build is ready for public preview to receive any needed corrections and constructive feedback. Our new site has a mobile version, if you wish to look at it on a tablet or cell phone.

Some other items of note on our new site:
– The display of Google Maps for events has been fixed.
– There will be a new method for submitting information for Kingdom Calendar items and there is an actual calendar to display the events.
– We have all our files (policies, paper-based forms, and the like) hosted on a file server.
– All our forms are hosted on (and linked to) the new form server.

Please note some upcoming projects on the Website and from the Webminister Office:
– A new Æthelmearc Kingdom map
– Adding more photos of Kingdom Officers
– The Kingdom webserver switch

The dev site can be found here.
Please do *NOT* bookmark this site, as it will be switched to our standard Æthelmearc web address in the future.

All corrections and updates are respectfully requested to be submitted on the Website Correction Form found here A link to this form can also be found at the bottom of the announcements on the right side of the front page.

All questions should be directed to me at the ae.webminister@aethelmearc.org email address.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of the Webminister’s Office!

In service,
Lady Amalie
AE Webminister