by Duchess Dorinda Courtenay,
Photos by Lady Ginevra Isabetta Del Dolce

What a great day for the arts in Heronter!

We had an A&S competition, with 7 entries.

pouchesLady Cassandra entered two hand stitched pouches, one with an escarbuncle. It was an amazing use of the leather she had, with some creative solutions to the natural flaws of the material.

braceletMaster Antonio de Luna entered wire weaving with gems inside – beautiful!

Hearth Basket. by Charles Cowan. This entry was honored with appreciation from the Crown! Well deserved! Beautiful display!

Hearth Basket. by Charles Cowan. This entry was honored with appreciation from the Crown! Beautiful display!

Debby Schmoker Cowan entered the most brilliant purple hand dyed wool I have ever seen! Lord Uriel Isaacovich performed two period magic tricks for the judges and the Queen – I think there is a trick to your work, friend!

Charles Cowan entered a basket that caught the eye of everyone, but as the Crown comes first, King Marcus and Queen Margerite named it their choice.

Lady Ginevra Isabetta Del Dolce brought several illuminated pieces. She took the extra time to put them on easels and include the exemplar from which she was working, and was recognized with “best display”.

Lastly, Broddr Reffson entered a knife and scabbard – hand made and with decorative details appropriate to the early period. He was named winner of the contest. I loved the variety and the skill shown by all of these entries! Thank you to Duchess Siobhan for helping me judge and to TRM’s for taking the time to view the work.

In addition, THL Eleanore Godwin ran a scribal table, and Mistress Lydia Allen spent hours talking with newcomer Naomi Baldwin about the fiber arts. Viscountess Eira of Attemark  provided a hand made string of Viking beads that was a hot commodity in the silent auction. (What is the Swedish phrase for “bidding war?”) People wore their best garb.

pigWe also cannot end without talking about the gorgeous hall! THL Lodthinn Vikarsson not only did his stellar job of decorating, he added some touches from the various Tudor videos people were studying to prep for the event. (What was the giant ring of greens called?) It was a stunning atmosphere for us to ring in the new year together.

Thank you all for making it a great day!