thescorreCollege of Three Ravens is much earlier than normal this year. Although the Thescorre schola event has been in mid-February for three decades, it will be on January 28 this year, which is in little over a week!

The lunch menu is:

beef stew
vegan soup
sliced ham
breads (gluten-free choice) 
four different types of fresh Amish butter (cinnamon, herb, honey and plain) 
fruit and some kind of sweet (cookie or cake)

The evening’s dinner menu is:
First Course
Fresh apple cider or apple juice (plus pitchers of water)
Homemade bread with plain butter
Salad of mixed greens & herbs with dried figs, olives, oranges, & toasted almonds, served with olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette
Marinated carrots
Lamb meatballs
Cinnamon honey mustard
Walnut herb pesto
Second Course
Chicken pie (a crustless pie will be available for GF gentles on request)
Broccoli with cheese sauce
Ginger sweet potato apple casserole
Third Course
Roasted beef with au jus (courtesy of Baron Eric Grenier de Labarre)
Yorkshire-style pudding
(plain buttered rice available for gluten intolerant gentles on request)
Favas with marjoram
Minty peas
Fourth Course
Almond macaroons
Candied cherries
Hot chocolate with whipped cream
For questions about the lunch, please contact Lady Marguerite De Neufchasteau. For questions about the feast, please contact Baroness Katja. The feast recipes are available here.
The event announcement, current class schedule, and information for sending in reservations is on the Thescorre website here.
By Baroness Katja Davidova Orlova Khazarina (Chris Adler-France)