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Ursula all fighters cropped

Photo by THL Ursula of Rouen of the 2016 attendees

Prince Timothy recently shared the tentative schedule of rapier and cut & thrust classes planned for Ædult Swim 2017 on the AEthelmearc Rapier Army Facebook page. The free event will be February 18 and 19 at Milton Shoe Factory 700 Hepburn St. Milton, PA 17847.

10:00 AM
Master Raev/Benjamin Cooper – Cuts and Destreza
Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbüttel – I.33 Sword and Buckler Methods and Philosophy

11:00 AM (90 min block)
Master Aeron Harper/David Biggs – Making Italian Rapier work at speed
Mistress Alesone Gray of Cranleigh/Wendy Marques – Combat strategies for cut and thrust

12:30 PM (90 min block)
Master Aedan Aylwyn – A Practical Understanding of tempo and measure
Jonathan Robert Bucci and Broken Plow – HEMA Presentation

2:00 PM
Master Aedan Aylwyn – Control & Kill your opponent, the Italian way
Master Clewin Kupferhelberlink/Wayne M. Canne – Cut and Thrust Sparring (will continue as long as people are interested)

3:00 PM
Master Connor Livingston/Damn Connor- Psyching out and sizing up your quarry
Master Will Paris – Swetnam: Chopping the Thrust; Hybridizing attack mechanics

4:00 PM 
Master Caitilín Inghean Fheichín – Training for performance
Master Aeron Harper – Coming to grips with Bolognese C & T


11:00 AM
Mistress Irene/Wendy I Colbert – Techniques for Avoiding Injury and Physical Therapy
Master Caitilín Inghean Fheichín – Goal Setting as a tool for mental focus

12:00 PM
Mistress Fredeberg/Karen Heike Spieler Canne – Vor and Nach: Controlling the fight with a German Mindset
Lord Jacob Martinson – The Cone of Defense

1:00 PM
2 open class slots

The site opens at 8 A.M. each day, with marshal inspections beginning at 8:30 and sparring at 9 A.M.

His Highness added: “I would encourage the Rattan community to participate in the C&T classes and sparring… I intend to be there for my 8 A.M. slow work and footwork that I do. You are welcome to join me…”

On the class list, he remarked “Lots of fabulous skill in that list of teachers. Looking forward to all of the classes! Go get some! We will have the entire 3rd floor to work with. There will be singles fighting all day. We can also get a series of Bear pits going if folks are interested. Lots of good focused training time. See you all in the lists.”

See the official announcement on the kingdom webpage here.