Mistress Ysabeau Tiercelin receives what may be the oldest backlog scroll in the Known World.

terscrollDo you remember the first time you were called up in Royal Court? For most gentles, an Award of Arms is the first Kingdom award they receive. To this day, many of my friends remember exactly when and where they received their AoA, even when the timing of other awards has melded together.

It was just over a year since I had become active in the SCA, and I remember the outfit I was wearing (a brown velvet sideless surcoat embellished with rhinestones and rabbit fur that went into the Garb Closet of Shame many years ago, but that certainly lent the occasion a lot of, um…..dazzle). I remember being petrified that I was going to trip and fall onto the kneeling pillow (and yes, ok, that part has not changed). I remember the kind smiles of King Knarlic and Queen Alexis of Atlantia putting me at ease as I received my AoA and became Lady Tercelin.

The scribal arts were not what they are today, and although I was slightly disappointed at receiving a photocopied promissory scroll, nothing could take away the thrill of receiving my first SCA award. After all, I knew the actual scroll would be on my wall eventually.

Eventually arrived this Friday, when I opened a rather large envelope to find my backlog AoA scroll….from A.S. XIX. Yes, that would be Anno Societatis Nineteen (for those trying to quickly do the math, that would be 33 years ago).

It was definitely the oldest completed backlog in the Kingdom of Atlantia, and may well be the oldest in the Known World.

Done by Lord Adelric Falke from the Canton of Attillium in Atlantia, it will take center place on my scroll wall. Most definitely, good things come to those who wait.

Baroness Ysabeau Tiercelin, OP, OL

If you would like to make a backlog scroll recipient in Æthelmearc very happy, get in touch with our backlog deputy Signet, Pani Zofia Kowalewska for an assignment.