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Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Marcus & Margerite, King and Queen of Æthelmearc, accompanied by Their Heir, Prince Timothy: the Business of The Feast of the Seven Deadly Sins, February 11, Anno Societatis LI, in the Barony of Delftwood. As recorded by Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta, Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald.

In the morning their Majesties invited their Excellency’s Delftwood to join Them in Their court.

img_1121Baroness Helena Mutzhasen was called before Their Majesties, who spoke at length of Her Excellency’s artistry in millinery and clothing of Germany, and so the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc was summoned and Her Excellency was named a companion of that order. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova. Embroidered scroll by Meisterrin Felicity Fluβmüllnerin, Lady Margaret Grace, Countess Caryl Olesdatter, Herrin Saskia Feldmeyrin, and Fela Fluβmüllnerin with words by Freiherr Fridrich Fluβmüllnerin and Meisterrin Felicity Flu βmüllnerin.



Next, Master Diego Munoz de Castilla and Don Corwin Montgomery approached the Throne and presented Her Majesty with a pictorial representation of the lineage of the White Scarf starting with Tivar Moondragon. They showed Her Majesty the branch of the tree representing those subjects from the kingdom of Æthelmearc. However, Their Majesty’s Jewel Herald spoke and noted that the representation was heraldically incorrect as he is a member of that line and there is heraldry displayed of one who is not a white scarf of that line. To settle this matter, Her Majesty called for the Order of the White Scarf to confirm, and invited the Ladies of the Rose and Garnet to also attend. The Order did affirm that there was indeed heraldry displayed of one who is not a member of the Order, and so Lord Michael Gladwyne was called forward and inducted into the Order of the White Scarf in recognition of his prowess and his contributions to the rapier community of Æthelmearc. And thus, the error was made correct.  Scroll by Baroness Helena Mutzhasen.

THL Ruslan Voronov was called to attend Their Majesties, and then the Order of Chivalry was summoned forward. Their Majesties inquired whether his lordship was prepared to sit this day in vigil in contemplation of joining the Order of Chivalry, to which he responded that he was. However, there was one last piece of business to attend to and so Sir Óláfr þorvarðarson came forward and took back his squire’s belt from Ruslan and released him from his service so that he might sit vigil unencumbered. That business being concluded, Their Majesties released THL Ruslan into the care of the Order of Chivalry to escort him to vigil.

Court suspended.

In the evening their Majesties invited Their Excellency’s Delftwood to join Them in Their court.

Their Majesties called forward all children and then sent them off in pursuit of the toy chest of treasures so that they might be occupied during the remainder of court.

Their Majesties then gave leave to Their Excellency’s Delftwood to hold their baronial court.

Earl Yngvar the Dismal, Countess Caryl Olesdatter, Master John Michael Thorpe, THL Fionnghuala inghean Diarmada, and Baroness Beatrix Krieger were invited into court. Her Majesty spoke of a recent trip to the East Kingdom in which several challenges befell Her visit, and these gentles came forward and provided various forms of assistance to Her. So for these acts of kindness, Her Majesty presented each with a personal token of appreciation.

Katharina von Bamberg was awarded arms in absentia. Scroll by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh.










Snorri sketi Bjornnson was awarded arms in absentia. Scroll by His Excellency Master Caleb Reynolds.










Lady Adelheid Grünewalderin was awarded a Keystone in absentia. Scroll by Baroness Helena Mutzhasen.










Lady Ragna Feilan was called forward and inducted into the Order of the Sycamore for her cooking and Viking food research, and for winning the Iron Chef competition. Scroll by His Excellency Master Caleb Reynolds.










Next, Ráðúlfr Eiríksson was invited into court and inducted into the Order of the Golden Alce and awarded arms for his prowess upon the field. Scroll by Baroness Barbary Rose of Endless Hills with words by Don Po Silvertop the Rogue.










Their Majesties then called for Ulfr Thorbjarnarson and inducted him into the Order of the Golden Alce and awarded him arms for his prowess, honor, and cunning upon the field. Scroll by THL Padraig O’Branduibh.










Her Majesty then called for Sir Óláfr þorvarðarson and spoke of his generosity, and specifically spoke of the children’s treasure chest he constructed when the call for help went out. And so, She named Sir Óláfr Her inspiration and awarded him a Golden Escarbuncle.

THL Ruslan Voronov was next called before the Throne. Their Majesties asked if, after having received council today, he would join the Order of Chivalry, and Ruslan answered in the affirmative. Their Majesties then called for Their Order of Chivalry to join Them. Duke James Ahearn then arose as a royal peer and spoke of Ruslan’s willingness to give of himself to others. He stated that to be a noble one must act nobly, and that Ruslan has done that. By letter, Duchess Dorinda Courtenay spoke for the Order of Defence and told of how Ruslan’s booming voice can be heard above the din and how he uses that voice to teach, to serve, and to grow others. Countess Isabeau de l’Isle spoke for the Order of the Laurel of how excellence takes you beyond simple curiosity, but to passion; and that passion leads to practice, and that practice leads to growth. Countess Caryl Olesdatter spoke for the Order of the Pelican of Ruslan’s current service as champion of the Roses and how he is a beacon for others to follow. For the Order of Chivalry, Count Robin Wallace told of Ruslan’s humility, his striving, his leading and teaching of the art of combat. Sir Óláfr þorvarðarson also spoke of Ruslan’s ability to speak truth from the heart because he has gone through dark times and walked the gauntlet himself. Having heard these words of Their peers, Their Majesties were then moved to induct Ruslan into the Order of Chivalry and had him adorned with spurs, a belt of white belonging to Duke Morgunn Sheridan, a cloak, and a chain. His Majesty then knighted Ruslan, and Their Majesties received his oath. Scroll forthcoming.

Lastly, Their Majesties thanked all those scribes and artisans who had contributed works throughout Their reign so that the work and skill of others might be recognized, and Her Majesty offered tokens of appreciation and offered scribal supplies.

There being no further business, this court of Their Majesties was closed.

Faithfully submitted,

Maestro Orlando di Bene del Vinta

Jewel of Æthelmearc Herald