webministerGreetings unto Æthelmearc from your Webminister, Lady Amalie,

The time has come for our Kingdom Website to transfer to a new home on the Internet.

We are projecting the website transfer will take place next week sometime after Tuesday, March 7. This could start as soon as Wednesday, March 8. We want to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible so we are working on having all hands on-deck from our web-related officers and the our new webhost company.

What will be affected:

– The Kingdom Webpage will be down at this time.
– Any sites that are hosted on the Kingdom Server will be down at this time.
– All Kingdom Email Forwards and any group/officer site related email forwards will be down at this time.
– The Kingdom File server will not be accessible at this time.

What is not affected:

– All webforms will be accessible if you have the direct link. (If you need the direct link, please let me know and I can get the link to you.)
– The Kingdom Announcement and Discussion lists will be active and working.

What people need to know about Kingdom/Group/Officer sites:

– All information was backed up 3 weeks ago on our end. Another backup will occur before the switch takes place. Please do your own backup as well.
– Passwords/logins to Cpanels, and other hosted sites, should remain the same.
– All email forwards will transfer to the new server as they are currently configured. They will be active when the domain servers update. (This could be up to 48 hours after the switch, but most likely will not take that long.)

Good stuff that will come of this server switch:

– The Kingdom email issue will be resolved. There will no longer be issues with Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Live, MSN, or Outlook email addresses for forwarding (or elsewise).
– There will be an improvement in website loading speed.
– Bandwidth issues, that have not happened often but have been seen recently, will no longer happen.

If you have any questions or concerns, please message me on Facebook at Peri Nelson-Sukert or email me.

Thank you very much (in advance) for your patience and your support.

In service to Æthelmearc,
Lady Amalie Reinhardt
AE Webminister