THL Rosalia Iuliana Andre, photo by Karen Guth

THL Rosalia Iuliana Andre, photo by Karen Guth

In our continuing series of the Gazette’s Officer Interviews, THL Rosalia Iuliana Andre answered the following questions regarding her involvement in the SCA, the siege program and her thoughts on  siege activities in the Kingdom.

How long have you been in the SCA and what was your first event? 

I joined the SCA in the summer of 2003 when I started at the University of Pittsburgh. My first event was the Coronation of Henri. It didn’t take long to get involved in the College of Cour d’Or where I held both the office of Chatelaine and then Seneschal while I was at university.

What has made you stay? 

I came to recreate medieval activities. I stayed for the people. So many of my current friends within and outside the Society came from those first few years.

How did you become interested in siege activities and then became the Kingdom Siege Officer? 

I fully blame His Excellency Sir Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora for a harebrained idea of building an arbalest and His Grace Christopher Rawlyns for encouraging my interest in siege. We began with one engine, fairly quickly growing to a battery of three, with a crew of more than a dozen. Recently we added a human powered trebuchet to the mix. I enjoy the effectiveness and the challenge of siege and want to help more people try it out. When the call for letters to the office came out several years ago, I knew that I could really take on that goal and introduce more people to siege.

What is the role of the Kingdom Officer for Siege? 

This office is responsible for warranting siege marshals, collecting information about siege activities in the kingdom and passing them on to the Society Deputy for Siege, making sure that Æthelmearc is not in conflict to updates to the siege rules from the Society Deputy for Siege, sharing those updates, and promoting siege activities in the kingdom. The Kingdom Siege Marshal also rotates as the Pennsic Siege Marshal in Charge.

Do you have a general philosophy about your job? 

Keep it fun! There are always going to be tedious aspects to any job, but make sure to still have fun doing it.

How would someone get involved in Siege activities? 

Start by finding an event that has siege activities, and talk to the people with the siege engines. We always love to talk about what we do. Can’t find an event? Email me and we can brainstorm ways to get you connected with people near you. (She can be contacted at ae.siege@aethelmearc.org )

What is an example of something you think the general populace should know about Siege, but don’t? 

Many people think that siege only serves to support fighters in battles. Recently, at Pennsic especially, there have been Siege and Combat Archery only battles. They provide an entirely different challenge! Some of the scenarios require precision, accuracy and finesse, while others demand speed and mobility. They’re great fun!

Æthelmearc Siege at Pennsic

Æthelmearc Siege at Pennsic

Where do you see the Siege program going in the SCA or the kingdom – Are there any changes coming? 

We recently started a Siege Marshal in Training sequence for gentles interested in becoming a marshal but not necessarily having the experience of being an engineer. It’s challenging to grow a marshal community without a solid core of marshals. I also want to encourage a youth tabletop siege component, but am still working out what that would look like.

What is the best part about Siege activities in the SCA?

Bridge battles are the BEST! Also, fighters don’t usually call “light” when they’ve been hit. (They usually call us some other things…)

Anything else that you think people should know? 

This fun fact: The official title of Æthelmearc’s Kingdom Siege Marshal is the Brigadier of Siege Weapons.

Siege Photo from SCA.org website

Siege Photo from SCA.org website