Countess Elena d’Artois reports:

An uneasy truce has been called to rest the troops and tend the wounded. In the quiet of mid-day our heroic champions on each side tested themselves upon the prowess and chivalry of the noble best that our cousins to the west had to offer. For rapier, Duke Titus Germanicus, the death bringer and Dark Knight of Æthelmearc, stood for our side. He fought valiantly and with great chivalry, but was bested after a very long exchange. In the Meridian Rose Tourney THLord Thorsol Solinauga fought for me and did fabulously well. He made it past the first round successfully against a formidable opponent. The second round saw him bested but he made the poor chap pay dearly for the victory. He fought with honor and courtesy. A spectacular showing!!

Wednesday morning Robert Hawksworth, Don Jacob of Dunmore, and I started the day early at 9 am fighting in the street brawl in Verona. I was on the Capulet’s team and the gentlemen were on the Montegue’s team. Good melee. Good schticky fun. Good fellowship. Both of the gentlemen did a great job, including Don Jacob shanking me with his dagger as I tried to hide my weapons from the Night Watch. Karma came back to bite him as I killed him from behind in the next round.

Photos of the Street Brawl in Verona by Brehan Lapidario.

Baroness Beatrix Krieger reports:

Æthelmearc fought with ferocity and honor, with a troop fewer than 15 today to stand with our allies. Sides were evened and the Field Battles were on after opening ceremonies. The small battalion of Æthelmearc showed chivalry, bravery, and prowess on the battefield, and fought to the last man more than once. Æthelmearc was able to help win two of the five melees and stand with Trimaris, Northshield, and allies. It is a beautiful, cool, and sunny day, and while the day was not a victory for us or our noble allies on the heavy field, Æthelmearc was recognized by many to be a force to be reckoned with in every engagement.

Duke Titus Germanicus fought for Æthelmearc as the fencing representative for Heroic Champions [on Wednesday]. He was fierce, quick, and honorable, but was ultimately thwarted. Although he was not called upon to the heavy lyst for Champions, THL Thorsol Solinagua was to stand for the Allies for Æthelmearc. Afterwards, Thorsol represented Countess Elena in the Rose Tourney. He fought with ferocity, honor, and courtesy. He was eliminated, but fought for his Rose very well.

[Thursday] is the Ravine Battle at 11am. Vivat Æthelmearc!

Brahen Lapidario reports:

Since I didn’t make it to [the rapier] War Point, I took the opportunity to attend a class that compared meads made with ale yeast to those made with wine yeast. It was very interesting and I learned a lot (and drank a bit more than I learned, perhaps). But, I was a little disappointed that the experiment wasn’t better designed. The gentleman doing it used one recipe for all the meads made with ale yeast, and another recipe for those made with wine yeast. Thus, it was possible to compare ale yeast to ale yeast & wine yeast to wine yeast, but not ale yeast to wine yeast (which was the primary reason I attended the class).

There’s only one thing to do about it: run the experiment myself!

Milord Brehan also sent some photos, including Merchants’ Row, the Gode Bakery (run by Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin with assistance from his lady wife, Maistres Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon, and Maistir Brandubh o Donnghaile), and the dog-powered “Great Machine” first unveiled at SCA 50 Year.

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Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne reports:

[On Tuesday], once again, Trimaris and her allies (including Æthelmearc) lost in the heavy battles, again in part due to superior numbers. However, the fighters enjoyed the battle and were happy to get hit people. On the rapier side, once again. Æthelmearc was victorious!

Æthelmearc won the Ballista Target competition [on Wednesday] with Sir Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora and Bryheres Gwendolyn the Graceful manning the ballista.

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Several rapier fighters also participated in the Green Tavern Brawl for fun.

The three AE Baronesses decide to try to win the Shopping Warpoint for Aethelmearc. [Wednesday] night’s dinner was again from Scappi; I’m cooking From Scappi all week and have requested that all participants come up with “Pope Facts” to discuss during dinner, as Scappi cooked for two Popes and several cardinals. Dinner included Beef stew, lentils with pepper and cinnamon, macaroni and cheese (its period!) marzipan, and pear and cheese pie.

One of the biggest factors is how cold it is. [Tuesday] night it dropped into the 30s. However, we are making do and are looking forward to it warming up later in the week

Illadore Gwen Kelda

Mistress Illadore, Brehyres Gwendolyn, and Baroness Kelda contemplating shenanigans at Gulf Wars. Photo by Mistress Illadore.