From Countess Elena d’Artois:

[Thursday] morning in the Everyman tourney Mathias made it out of his round robin pool only to be taken out in the top 8 of a 40 person tourney!!

[Thursday] afternoon the rapier army of 11 from Æthelmearc had one job. Get the right-hand flag and keep it.

We. Did. Our. Job.

At the outset of the melee, Robert Hawksworth and Mathias Al Tabai set the pace ! They were the first to the flag and they slowed the opponents long enough for our main force to approach and take possession for the lion’s share of the battle. The combined forces of Trimaris, Northsheild, Meridies, Atlantia and Æthelmearc took home a decisive victory, but our worthy opponents truly made us work for it.

Acts of heroism and prowess included Mistress Illadore and Countess Elena each rolling the enemy lines at separate times to retake flags that had been lost. Count Byron of Haverford, Master Anias Fenne, and Duke Titus Germanicus used their melee expertise and leadership to solidly control the flag we were assigned. Kudos to Kara Burkhart, Don Jacob of Dunmore, Brehan Lapidario, and Lady Cairdha Eilis O’Coileain on their battlefield awareness and willingness to go wherever there was a problem, to support and hold weak points and, in many cases, turn the tide.

Our contingent was small but mighty. We worked extremely well with our friends from Trimaris.

And an especial kudos to all who fought this war point. The combat was tactically brilliant, well planned and chivalric. All were a joy to fight.

Many of the rapier army participated in the Rose tourney [Friday] morning. I do not know how all of them did. When i find put i will post a supplement.

On the rattan field our unit was asked to gain and hold a bridge until such time as help could come from the back field. Each time we united with either the Midrealm or Northshield to do just that. We did “fight in the shade” in 2 passes as we were peppered by combat archers. We were successful in our mission. Those times we did have breakouts on our bridge we beat them back successfully. Kudos especially to Sir Marek on his hero moment facing 3 enemies and besting them in the backfield. Kudos to Baroness Beatrix on her field command. Kudos to Master Anias on his spear work in the last bridge. And kudos to Sir Maghnus in the fort for taking out the enemy King with his first ballista shot!

We are small, but we are mighty. Vivant to all the combatants!!


Illadore fencer selfie

Mistress Illadore takes a selfie with some several members of the Æthelmearc rapier melee unit.

Final report from the cabin [on Saturday morning]. We have quit the field. Camp is broken down and clear. The wagon is loaded and intrepid heroes are on their various paths home.

Safe and brief travels to all. We anticipate arrival in the Debatable Lands in the wee hours of the morning not too terribly long after sunrise.

A good war. Ending with the only truly hot shower of the entire week. Simple joys.

From Baroness Beatrix Krieger:

Æthelmearc was small, mighty, and gallant in the Ravine. Recognized throughout the Known World for our cause. Well done!

Æthelmearc stood bravely in the Ravine with Clovenshield, Trimaris, Northshield, Atlantia, and [our] Allies, and faced a vast army of Calontir, Midrealm, East, Western Alliance, and their Allies, who stood to take possession of banners. The small but mighty contingent of Æthelmearc repelled our foes time and time again, and helped push the enemies back against the tides of shields, arrows, and spears. We were divided for a period to aid in two places, and we were able to stave off the mighty enemy. Though we numbered thirteen on the field, the Kingdom of Æthelmearc was recognized time and time again for melee skills, command, capability, and honor.

[On Friday] Æthelmearc fought on the bridges with our allies, the Mid and Northshield, with ferocity, helping to press the enemy and duel with our foes. We would hold off their pulses, buying time for our allies to sweep the center bridge. Our battalion was small but useful. We served our allies well, helping to acquire 3 victories to gain the point for Trimaris. The last battle, for fun, was also a victory for Trimaris.

One of the coolest moments at any SCA event, war, etc., EVER was something I got to watch [Friday] and something I had nothing to do with in any capacity. Between the bridges and the fort battles, they held a youth bridge battle. The children had an opportunity to fight two bridge battles against members of the chivalry. It was amazing. The kids stepped up without fear, and closed against the chivalry with a desire to crush the opposing forces. In both passes, the chivalry were slain to the last man, and each of the kids, varying in age, fought with courtesy, chivalry, and skill. It was a privilege to watch, it embodied the dream of the Society. Absolutely amazing.

We fought in the Fort battles, first attacking, then defending. Our numbers had dwindled somewhat, but nonetheless we fought bravely. Æthelmearc divided to aid our allies and crashed the shields in the side doors. To defend, Æthelmearc fought well, dying to the last man defending the side gates. We were not successful in taking the castle in the fastest time.

Æthelmearc: be proud of those who came on Crusade. To those who stood fiercely with our allies and served their Crowns, their kingdom, and each other with honor, be proud. You humbled and honored me.

Many have departed, including your Gulf Wars Warlord, for home. Safe drive for all, see you soon. War ends [Saturday], and the warriors of Sylvan Æthelmearc will be back to defend their homeland from invaders soon enough.

Names to remember for standing on the field: Baroness Gwen, THL Thorsol, THL Roland, Countess Elena, Sir Angus, Duke Titus, Duchess Morgen, Master Robert, Count Byron, Sir Marek, Master Anias, Sir Maghnus, Sir Koredono, Lord Random, Sir Graedwyn (in spirit), Nissan, Ben, THL Edward, and Master Jussie.

From Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne:

[On Wednesday], we had a tragedy! The oven for pie baking had an issue due to an o-ring, so we did not have pie. We made apples in wine instead.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor

Mistress Illadore’s “press gang” helping with meal prep

[Thursday] was a great day – entirely due to to Æthelmearc ‘s amazing skill and strategy, our side also won both the heavy and rapier Ravine War Point. Thursday was also steak night, with THLady Pippi in charge. We also served fettuccini with parmesan and butter, spinach salad, more snow, and finally cheese and fruit slices for dessert. Friday night was chicken in orange glaze, farfalle with green sauce (pesto), and bread pudding with berries for dessert.

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The final Gulf Wars camp dinner