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rapierMasters and Mistresses, Dons and Doñas, Warders and Companions, Lords and Ladies alike…Announcing the call for anyone interested in teaching fencing classes!

The Æthelmearc Defense Academy is hosting an Academy of the Rapier in Rome, NY on April 15, 2017.

While we invite our rattan cousins to join us and use the space that is available outside, this event will be fencing and Cut and Thrust intensive. At this time the teaching schedule is wide open, only a few slots are taken so we are very flexible as to when your class could be arranged. The closer to the event that it gets the more difficult it will be to have that happen.

All areas of fencing and Cut and Thrust study are available as topics at the site, which is a civic center. The main facility floor that we are able to use is an ice hockey rink (no ice. Sorry – no Musketeer re-enacting!) and the spaces around it including small classrooms and outdoor spaces.

This event is intentionally focused instructional and training time. Please have no expectation of a period experience.

There is no court or feast scheduled.

Anyone interested in teaching classes at either or both events should contact Countess Elena d’Artois or Master Diego Munoz (via FB Messenger).

We would love to have YOU come teach. Please let us know if you have other questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

(Facebook event page is here.)