Greetings unto the Most Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc!

Lady Aine (as Kingdom Chronicler), Lord Rhys (as Kingdom Events Coordinator), and I (as Kingdom Webminister) have been busily working on a system to address many of the recent concerns for event announcements in the Æstel and on the Kingdom website. The information below has already been approved by our Kingdom Seneschal, Duke Christopher.

We have updated our event submission and update forms. Just click on the links to check them out.

These updates include a few items of note:

1.  There are now 2 event announcement sections — one for the Æstel and one for the website. If the 2 sections are different, THL Aine will include “Please look for more information on the Æthelmearc Website” (or something similar) at the end of the event announcement in the Æstel. This will allow for information that does not need publishing in the Æstel (to keep within the 500 word limit), but that the autocrat would like disseminated to the populace. Examples of what might be listed on the website but not in the Æstel may include driving directions, the specifics of the A&S tournament, and the like…

2.  The following prompts will now be required (for all new events and updates), with the exception of the weapons question (noted below):

Event Alcohol Policy? Wet Site, Damp / Discreet Site, or Dry Site / No Alcohol

Are Pets Allowed? Yes or No

Are Flames Allowed? Open Flames, Contained Flames, or No Flames Allowed

Are Weapons Allowed? Weapons Allowed, Tied Weapons Only, No Weapons Allowed
(Please note: An answer to this question will not required, unless the answer is tied or no weapons.)

Each question also allows for additional information to be included, if desired. This information should be kept brief (such as “Leashes required” or “Contained flames during feast only”).

It is recommended that the required information listed above also be included in the event announcement. However, each of the answers from the set of questions will be translated into a quick-glance icon reference that will be placed both in the Æstel and on the website. On the website, these icons will be listed directly under the Royal Progress information within an event announcement, if it exists. Otherwise, it will be on the line right below the event name. This information will not be seen in the calendar listings.

The icon guide (with pictures) is located here.
A guide will also be placed in the AEstel.

An example of the new web icons.

*  Alcohol allowed?
Wet Site: Wine cup
Damp/Discreet Site: Wine cup with a white “do not” circle
Dry Site: Wine cup with a black “do not” circle

*  Pets allowed?
Yes: Paw Print
No: Paw Print with black “do not” circle

*  Flames allowed?
Open: Flame
Contained: Flame with a white “do not” circle
No flame: Flame with a black “do not” circle

*  Weapons allowed?
Weapons Allowed: Sword
Tied Weapons: Sword with a white “do not” circle
No Weapons Allowed: Sword with a black “do not” circle

We appreciate your patience as we transition to the new system in the Æstel and on the website. It will take awhile for all event announcements to display the new icon system. If you are an event autocrat, it is requested that you submit an update form so we have the information needed to display the appropriate icons associated with your event.

Thank you all very much for your support!

In service,
Lady Amalie Reinhardt, Webminister
and on behalf of Lady Aine O’Muirghesan and Lord Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd