This year Æthelmearc has, for the first time, experienced something entirely new: a Swedish King.

The ways of Swedes being unfamiliar, we at the Æthelmearc Gazette thought we should enlighten the populace about our King and his unusual viewpoints.

Her Majesty, Queen Margerite, tells us that King Marcus believes everything is better in Sweden: Swedish cheese is better, Swedish bread is better, they have better public transportation, Swedish stroganoff, and the list goes on. Her Majesty points out that in Æthelmearc, His Majesty has a wife.

MandM - Amelie

His Majesty is reminded of why Æthelmearc is better than Sweden. Photo by Lady Amelie Reinhardt.

His Majesty apparently has a somewhat colorful past. Literally.

Marcus mohawk

Not to mention much longer hair in his youth.

Young Marcus

Stretching is mandatory for Swedes before and after fighting.

Drachenwalders on their knees at Pennsic

Duke Sven, another import from the Principality of Nordmark, notes that Swedes like rules and lines (queues), and predicts that if Marcus win a second Crown in Æthelmearc, he will force each fighter to take a number so the fighters can be paired by numbers, making it more organized.

Crown Tourney - Filippo

Margerite asks Marcus, “Are you sure about this numbering idea?” Photo by Master Filippo da Sancto Martino.

Marcus Edmund armor dump - Kelda

King Marcus with Viscount Edmund Draccator at AEdult Swim II, wondering who is going to clean up this mess. Photo by Baroness Kilde Jurgenstochter.

His Majesty has his fun side, too. Here he frolics with a jug of something potable, to the apparent consternation of his friends, including Duchess Liadain.

Landesknecht celebrating - Rachel Ashbaugh

Photo by Lady Sara Ballengee.

Swedes take their food rather seriously. Duke Sven warns that His Majesty may decide not to pass the crown to Prince Timothy due to the rumor that His Highness butters his crisp bread on the flat side.

Marcus Crispbread

Crisp bread. It’s a Swedish thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Of course, the best part of having a Swedish King is that we get a Royal couple who always make things interesting.

TRM holding sword of state - Margerite

Photo by Queen Margerite.

This article contains mostly factual information. Mostly. Thank to Her Majesty and Duke Sven for providing “dirt” on His Majesty. However, all blame lies with Arianna.