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Greetings, Fair Æthelmearc!
If you are planning on attending Ice Dragon on April 8, consider picking up a retaining shift or two during the day! It’s a great way to experience the event and see cool and nifty things – fighting, fencing, amazing Arts and Science projects, salons. Please contact me either via FB messenger or by email.
Duties include carrying a small basket, ensuring Their Majesties eat and drink through the day, fetching and carrying items to and from the Royalty Room, standing in court (on rotation – no one would be expected to stand the full Ice Dragon court), and being a companion. There is a lot of standing and walking, so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the site (layers are always good).
Also, please note that Their Soon-to-be-Majesties of the East will be in attendance and we could use a couple of extra hands to help out there too.
Tell your friends! Retaining is always more fun with a buddy!
Baroness Rowena Moore