Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Marcus & Margerite, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Aethelmearc Academy of the Rapier, April 15th, Anno Societatis LI, in the Shire of Coppertree. As recorded by Don Po Silvertop the Rogue, Scarlet Guard Herald.

In the early afternoon:

Her Majesty called before her Baron Daniel del Cavallo and presented him with replacement award medallions, for those which had been lost.  In so doing, Her Majesty remarked on the curious absence of any recognition for His Excellency’s Service and made him a Companion of the Order of the Keystone as well.

Her Majesty then (with some trepidation) invited Her Order of the White Scarf to attend her.  She spoke of the Order’s constant activity throughout the Kingdom, but noted that the task really required further expansion of the Order’s numbers.  She then requested the presence of Lord Jacob Martinson, and spoke of his prowess and service both during his tenure as former Queen’s Champion and afterward, and then she inducted him as a Companion of the Order.  (Scroll in progress, Calligraphy and Illumination by Countess Anna Leigh, Words by Don Po Silvertop the Rogue).

Video courtesy of Lord Cyrus Augur.

Court was then suspended.

In the late afternoon:

Her Majesty announced the winner of the day’s bearpit tourney, Master Benedict Fergus atte Mede, speaking of a wager between Herself and Her Excellency Baroness Desiderata Drake.

Her Majesty then sought to be attended by Marcellus Titus Cincinatus, and requested he inform the Court of a recent heroic event at school in which his quick thinking and willingness to take responsibility in a crisis assisted others, and named him as Her inspiration for the day, and bestowed upon him a Golden Escarbuncle

Finally Her Majesty brought forward Lady Mair the Pavilion Rider, who had volunteered upon short notice to act as Mistress of the Lists for the day’s tourney.  Her Majesty Thanked Lady Mare for her efforts and then thanked all who had labored, teaching and marshaling, to make the day possible.

There being no further business, the Court of Her Majesty was closed.

Faithfully submitted,

Don Po Silvertop the Rogue

Scarlet Guard Herald

Photo credit to: Lady Aerin Wen