“No Raffles Please”

AEthelmearc financial policy states that “The Chancellor of the Exchequer must be notified in advance of all fundraising at SCA activities to insure compliance with SCA Corporate guidelines.” Please note that this doesn’t say “or someone else” there. Please also note the lack of exceptions. The reason for this is that fundraising can be a great aid, but it can also be a way to get into a heap of trouble if mishandled.

Part of the reason for this reminder is that the topic of raffles has come up yet again. Raffles count as “games of chance”, which are regulated by the states. As far as His Grace Christopher and I have been able to determine, the SCA Inc. is not _clearly_ allowed to run games of chance as a fundraiser in any of the three states that we operate in.

Happily there are other ways to raise money. We can hold auctions (silent and otherwise), we can hold bake sales. We can even “pass the hat”. If someone has a clever idea for a fundraiser that does not include chance, then I’m likely to approve it.

On a happier note, many, many thanks to all the exchequers (and several seneschals) for all of their hard work! Their efforts to provide accurate info made the process of assembling the complete Domesday report possible, and in turn, keeps the Society and the IRS happy with us. (Because like the Domesday of old, this is ultimately all about the taxes.)

Finally, I’ll note that my term as your Exchequer ends at Pennsic. I’m planning to apply for a second term; if anyone is interested in this position, I’d be happy to answer any questions. Please send any letters of interest to

ae.king@aethelmearc.org, ae.queen@aethelmearc.org and/or ae.exchequer@aethelmearc.org.

In service, —Tofi

Chancellor of the Exchequer
Master Tofi Kerthjalfadsson

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