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Gentles wishing to make favors or other items for Her Majesty Queen Gabrielle to give as gifts during Her reign are invited to use the information below. Note that these are a variation of the favors from Her Majesty’s last reign, so if you already have one of those favors, it can be easily modified for the current reign.

Embroidery Pattern For Her Majesty Gabrielle
Escarbuncle & Crown with Parfume Drop
Designed by THL Jaqueline de Molieres 2017

Use this embroidery design when making items for soon-to-be Queen Gabrielle to officially gift. Place this design on anything you wish: belt favors, pouches, needle cases, pin cushions, drink covers, etc. Use whatever materials you like (linen, silk, wool, cotton), red background with white and gold threads. Reduce or enlarge the design as needed. The pattern is designed to use a chain stitch for escarbuncle and crown, and stem stitch for parfume drop.

Double Parfum drop

Double Parfum drop line drawing
Chain stitch 3

Stem stitch 4


Before you start, I suggest washing the fabric – red has a tendency to bleed.

Then do some test stitching to determine stitch size, how many strands of floss, etc. I counted stitches, but the number of stitches may change if you reduce or enlarge the pattern.

Do the escarbuncle first; then finagle the placement of the crown and drop if need be.

The completed escarbuncle and crown with parfume drop can be stitched directly onto the fabric for your finished piece, or cut into a rondel and appliquéd onto anything you want.


Escarbuncle 5

Escarbuncle 6

If you want, you could add a bead or pearl in the center.


Crown 7For the base of the crown, make 2 rows of chains, slightly curved per the pattern, just above the escarbuncle. At each end, there are 3 chains up with a horizontal chain toward the center from the second chain. In the very center there are 3 chains up with 2 horizontal chains from the second chain. Between the end & the center on each side, place just one chain at the halfway point.


Surround the escarbuncle and crown with two rows of stem stitch parfume drops, the inner row being gold, a little space, then a second row being white.