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Lady Magge singing for the Crown. Photo courtesy of Master Tigernach ma Cathail.

By Lady Magge Illefoster and Lord Gregory Hillson.

These are the lyrics of the song that was performed at the Coronation of Their Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle. So many people asked for the words and if I would please publish them, so those who wished to learn it could. I am humbled and pleased to present them to you now.  ~ Lady Magge


The Rose of Arindale

(Sung to the Tune “The Rose of Allendale”)

When’er I travel east or west,
To every knowned land,
The goodness of our own dear Queen
Is known to every man.
With an unassuming dignity
And a backbone made of stone,
The brightest jewel in Æthelmearc,
Gabrielle van Nijenrode.

Our Rose of Arindale,
Sweet Rose of Arindale,
The fairest flower in all the land,
Is the Rose of Arindale!

Her laughter bright, her gaze is clear,
Her countenance is fair
With a temperament that is so mild,
And wise beyond compare.
She listens e’er she speaks her mind
Her words are soft and few
When you see her with our own good King,
You know their love is true.


When a highway man of little wit,
Did try them to waylay,
Our gentle Queen, our quiet Rose,
Did not give into dismay.
Her courage swelled within her heart
To protect both kith and kin,
A thorned Rose she proved to be
A fighter deep within.


Against the vast assorted host,
Upon the Pennsic field,
Her inspiration spurs all on,
That they should never yield.
Be they fencer, archer, artisan
Or fight with sword and shield,
Our courageous Queen reminds us all
So our best should be revealed.


But the one she does inspire most
The very best to be,
Is the one who fought to make her Queen,
Beloved by all and he.
His life had been adrift at sea
With no star to guide his trail
Had fate not linked his love to hers,
His Grace of Arindale.