Ariella and Rouland Cori

Sir Ariella vs. THLord Rouland at the Gage Meet ‘n’ Beat, War Practice 2015. Photo by Lady Valentina de la Volpe.

Greetings Good Fighters!

We would like to hold the now-traditional Gage Meet N’ Beat Friday night of War Practice [Editor note: May 19] on the battlefield.

All members of the Order of Chivalry are invited to take the field with us, and we often have fighters from neighboring Kingdoms join in. Starting at 6pm and going till about 8pm, bring every weapons form you want to use and come fight, learn, and have fun!  The format is very informal; just find someone on the field and fight as many passes as you both choose.  Please bring your auth card for the MOL and spread the word!


Sir Ariella