I have posted a prior notice about this event but as a lot was going on at the time and we are now much more in our Pennsic preparation mindsets I thought it was time to get this ball rolling.

This year for the first time Æthelmearc will be host to the Known World Party at Pennsic. We will be combining the event with our kingdom party. Our Æ kingdom Cooks and Brewers guilds have been called on by our Royal Majesties to put this event together and show the best of what we have to offer. I will be putting together organizations for this event on the Cooks Guild side. We will be looking for volunteers to be set up crew, bring/cook/or prep foods, clean up crew, and other miscellaneous needed tasks to make this come together at it’s best. The party will take place on Sunday August 6th at 8 pm, on the battlefield at the Æthelmearc Day-shade, with set up beginning earlier at 6 pm. Also understand that this can be as simple as a make and bring one thing contribution if that is all you are able to do. Help on all levels is appreciated, you do not have to be an existing guild member to help, simply a willing wonderful member of this kingdom.

If you are willing and able to assist with this event please contact me either via Facebook as Jessica Walker or via email at ariannaddv3@gmail.com. Thank you to all in advance. Help me and Their Majesties show how Æthelmearc shines like the beautiful Escarbuncle shaped gem it truly is.

Yours In Service,
Lady Arianna dal Vallone
MKA Jessica Sharpless/Jessica Walker.