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Their Royal Majesties of Æthemearc, Timothy and Gabrielle.

Unto the rapier enthusiasts of Æthelmerc does King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle send greetings,

Some years back, We wrote the BoD of the SCA to discuss the issue of the Rapier Peerage. Our input, along with that of many others convinced the governing body of our organization that a peerage unique to the art of the sword would be beneficial to the society, and thus, the Masters of Defense were created.

We had the privilege of sitting the thrones when the MoD came on line. We discussed prospective members with many of you throughout the kingdom, before selecting the initial 5 recipients. Of the 10 who received enough comments from the populace to merit serious consideration, all but one have been invited to join the order. We’d like nothing more than to add the last one.

We are greatly pleased with those who wear the collar, and the contributions they have made to the community. We see these members travel throughout the kingdom as they share their knowledge. But their numbers are limited. There are only so many of them, and they cannot be everywhere at every moment.

Maestra Illadore. Photo by Lady Silence.

At Pennsic every year, Timothy takes the field and asks as many knights as possible to take the field at his side for an entire day. Friday, August 4th from 9am till 5pm. This year, We have asked Maestra Illadore, who has graciously agreed, to set up a similar deed of arms for the Masters of Defense.

Therefore, Her Majesty and I put forth this challenge to you. Come and show us your heart, drive and skill. Work with the Masters and Mistresses. Spar with them. Train with them. Learn from them. Show them you have the skill to be at their side. Since We cannot be of any assistance in training any of you, We will do our part by promoting this and trying to get as many MoDs as possible on the field with her.

No excuses. They are here, in one place for your benefit.
“They don’t come to my area”. They are here.
“They never fight me with my chosen form”. Yes, they will.
“I am out of practice”. This date is 2 months away. You have time.

Deeds not words.

We hope to see all of you there.

Timothy and Gabrielle