The new Signets and their deputies are appointed. Photo by Doña Alessandra (Yasmina).

The 2017-2018 Signet’s Quiz has begun!

Anyone may participate. You do not have to be a scribe but you DO have to send your answers to the Signet email.

If you are one of our winners and not a scribe, you may opt to gift your prize to a scribe that you know! All participants who take all 50 quizzes over the next year will receive a unique item, made by the hand of our very own Mistress Honoria and I guarantee that you do not own this item.

Each Sunday, please visit the Signet’s page where our Web-Goddess Juliana will post the questions *and the address where you may send your answers*. We encourage you to Google for your answers, this is an open-tech quiz.
This week’s questions have been brought to you by Mistress Hrefna fruiþkona Þorgrímsdóttir.
Don’t wait! Go now!
Have fun!
Antoinette & Shirin, Sylvan Signets