Greetings  Most Generous Populous of Æthelmearc,

Largesse generously donated by the people of our Kingdom, given to Atendveldt at Estrella War. Photo by Mistress Hilderun Hugelmann

This year the gift exchange has departed from tradition; We do not have a Kingdom assigned to us. This gives some unexpected flexibility and opportunity for our artists. In that spirit Our Gracious Monarchs Timothy & Gabrielle will be gifting all of our Royal cousins with tokens of friendship!

There are two ways for you to be involved in this endeavor. The first is the gift exchange basket. Since there’s no Kingdom & we have already received some beautiful items to build around, the theme of the basket is Norse (Viking). Cohesive items to this theme are greatly appreciated, but all generosity is welcomed.

The second way to be involved is making items for all the Royal Cousins. To keep this manageable I’m splitting the Crown and the Consort. Ideally 15-20 like items would keep this equal & easy to distribute (for all bags we would need 30-40).  This is a big task! If you can only make 6 of something, please still do! There’s no need to worry about colors, make best use of resources available. The gift bags are approximately 12”x14”.

We have some amazing gifts for this purpose already, but value all contributions.  If you have any questions or need to brainstorm, please reach out to me (phone & Facebook preferred over email). If you have the will & ability, but not the resources, please contact me. Material assistance may be possible. Items can be delivered at events to TRM or I, mailed, or delivered at Pennsic to the Kingdom encampment. Please do so by Saturday morning, August 5th, 2017.

Please include your name, Facebook name (if applicable), home group & contact information. You can do this either once, or even better, attached to each item. You’d be surprised where your gifts end up and who might want to thank you! If liquid or consumable, please make sure items are sealed and include ingredients on each item. If you have documentation include it (but don’t fret if you don’t)! With TRM’s permission, I’m looking forward to photographing many, if not all, of the donations to share on Facebook. If for any reason you do not want your work shared, please note that as well. We want to show all the amazing deeds of our kingdom and help inspire future participation!

Great ideas can be found on the Largesse Makers Facebook group, found here.

In Service by the Grace of Timothy & Gabrielle,
Countess Anna Leigh

Facebook: Anna Leigh
412-901-3581 Cell phone (between 9am-10pm)