Line for Troll at Pennsic. Photo by: Duchess Ilish O’Donovan

Initial reports from Cooper’s Lake Campground are that traffic is heavy, and lines are long but both are moving pretty fast. At one point this morning, traffic was reported to be backed up to the McDonald’s and Pilot off of Curry Road. Duchess Ilish O’Donnovan said,”Everyone here is walking around with big smiles. Gonna be a great Pennsic!”

Our best advice for those long troll lines are make a pit stop before your get in line, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and use the time you are stuck in line to meet new friends and catch up with old ones until you can get to the front of the line and hear those words you’ve been waiting to hear for 50 weeks, “Welcome home!”

Pennsic XLVI Medallion. Photo by: Duchess Ilish O’Donovan