Was your Pennsic schedule so jam-packed that you couldn’t get to as many classes as you’d have liked?

If so, set aside Saturday, September 23, and plan to attend the Dark Ages Skóla, hosted by the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn.

What have we planned thus far?

  • TWO keynote speakers:  The Anglo-Saxon Mead Hall in Political and Social Life,  by Algirdas Wolthus and Dismantling Musiaphobia: learning to approach museum collections with confidence, by Patrikia Maria Agrissa Sgourina.
  • lunch by Hrolfr á Fjárfelli and Algirdas Wolthus; we’re aiming for mostly period and definitely yummy, as always!
  • hands-on cooking classes as well as make-and-take clothing and accessories classes
  • classes geared for beginners as well as experienced artisans

Current class list is:


  • “The Anglo-Saxon Mead Hall in Political and Social Life” — by Algirdas Wolthus. Algirdas has been active in the SCA since the 1980s, resident in Myrkfaelinn for the majority of that time. Mundanely, Scott D. Stull is a Ph.D. archaeologist with a focus on medieval western Europe. He has presented on the built environment of medieval Europe at national and international conferences. He is also an experimental archaeologist, replicating medieval ceramics, food, and drink including mead.
  • “Dismantling Musiaphobia: learning to approach museum collections with confidence” — by Patrikia Maria Agrissa Sgourina. Maria, herself a life-long stitcher, is interested in embroidery styles that span the centuries, from early- to late-period. She received her Laurel in 2004 for her research, especially in Byzantine and Sassanid clothing and culture before the year 1000 CE.
  • The Anglo-Saxon Mead Hall in Political and Social Life
  • Bone Pins of the Viking Age
  • Brocaded Tablet Weaving
  • Combalot: A Brief Look at Early Period Combs
  • Dark Ages Manuscript Illuminations
  • Dark Ages Shields
  • Fiber Prep for Handspinners & Felters
  • Inshoku – Food and Food Culture of Early Japan
  • Isho – Clothing the Nobility in Early Japan
  • What the Irish Ate.
  • The Irish Bardic Tradition.
  • Irish Illumination.
  • Irish Calligraphy.
  • Medieval Dairy Products
  • Poetry from Njal’s Saga.
  • Roman Fibula make and take.
  • Dress like a Roman.
  • Spin like the Romans & their Allies
  • The Settlement of Iceland.
  • Support Spindling
  • Survey of Norse Women’s Aprons
  • Skjoldehamn Hood and Dark Ages Embroidery
  • Tarsoly – the Rus Belt Pouch
  • Thorsberg Trousers: Pants that Last!
  • Thorsberg Trousers: Make-and-Take
  • Viking Period Swords
  • Viking Quivers from Hedeby
  • Viking Treasure Necklaces and Women’s “Bling”
  • Vinegaroon – Never Dye Leather Again!

And more classes keep being added!

Several classes, including the Skjoldehamn Hood and Dark Ages Embroidery, the Thorsberg Trousers: Make-and-Take, and the Viking Treasure Necklaces and Women’s Bling are “make and take” classes;  if you want to learn to make your own creations while enjoying experienced guidance, now is your change!

To help our teachers coming from close, and afar, Myrkfaelinn will host a silent auction to split between the Dominions’ coffers and a Teacher’s Travel Fund.

The Dark Ages Skóla will be hosting an A&S Display and Youth A&S Tournament. With only three more weeks to go, it is time to shrug off that Pennsic glow and start on your next best project!

The Youth A&S Tournament will be held in the common room. Please drop off your entry and documentation in the morning for display during the day. At the end of the afternoon, before the Silent Auction, please join your entry to show & tell the judges, followed by a most anticipated pick of (donated) gift.

The Dark Age A&S Display will also be held in the common room. Please drop off and display in the morning, to pick up at closing. We would love to see your Dark Age inspired (work-in-progress) projects (half page documentation appreciated), but honestly, anything goes!

Additional information about the event can be found on the Kingdom website as well as on Facebook.

The event is at a new event site: First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, 315 N. Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY 14850.

 Hope to see you there! THL Elska á Fjárfelli