Youth fighters, arm yourselves and prepare!

On September 23rd at the Agincourt event in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, Their Highnesses Gareth and Juliana will choose Their Youth Combat Champions based on their chivalry, courtesy, and prowess.  There will be anywhere from one to three champions depending on the number of combatants in each division.

The list opens at 9:30 am for inspections and authorizations, with the tournament starting at 10 am. Youth fighters who are not yet authorized are encouraged to arrive early so they can complete their authorization bouts.

After the tournament, if time permits, there will be melees and practice with adult sparring partners.

Fox and Katrina

Photo by Lady Aine ny Allane.

Youth Combat Champions receive a tabard of office which they wear for the duration of their term, then pass on to the next Youth Champions, who will be chosen in the spring. They may process into Court with the King and Queen at events but are not required to stand in Courts unless they wish to do so. The champions’ names are added to the list of Kingdom Youth Combat Champions on the Kingdom Youth Combat website.

For more information about youth combat in Æthelmearc, visit the Kingdom Youth Combat Website.

Please direct any questions to the Kingdom Youth Combat Marshal, Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.

Fox and Katrina

Fox and Katrina, the current Kingdom Youth Champions. Photos by Arianna.