tankardGreetings to the citizens of our Sylvan Lands!

Coronation will soon be upon us, and with it, a wonderful opportunity to support those who are new to our hobby. Our next King and Queen, Gareth and Juliana, would like to give each newcomer a drinking vessel (mug, goblet, cup, etc.) during Royal Courts as a way to welcome them to the Society. Will you help Them in this endeavor?

Donations do not need to be new but should be in good condition and serviceable as feast gear.

Please contact THLady Antoinette de Lorraine (Antoinettedelorraine@gmail.com) with any questions.

Have a donation? Feel free to bring it to an event or mail it to:

Lady McKenna Henderson, Largess Coordinator for TRH Gareth & Juliana
Andrea Peters, 
14 Miller Run Road, Burton, WV 26562


THLady Antoinette de Lorraine
Ashley Green, 1111 Ave G, Danville Pa 17821

Thank you for helping us keep the dream alive one moment at a time.