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Greetings to the kind and generous people of Æthelmearc!

As you know, two hurricanes in quick succession have devastated major areas of the U.S. Many of our SCA cousins in Ansteorra (Texas & Oklahoma) and Trimaris (Florida) have suffered heartbreaking losses.

While there are numerous real-world charities to which you can send your donations (and many of you probably already have), we ask that you consider also specifically helping members of the Society.

SCA members have, no doubt, lost items specific to our hobby like garb, armor, pavilions, and scrolls, but right now what they need most is cash to help them rebuild and repair their homes, and replace destroyed vehicles, furniture, and clothing. SCA-specific donations can come  later, once the flood and wind damage has been repaired and people’s lives are no longer so disrupted.

A donation box will be available at the troll table at Coronation this weekend in Ballachlagan. Please consider bringing a little extra cash to give to those in need. With the blessing of Their Majesties, I have been communicating with the Disaster Relief Coordinator in Ansteorra, and this week I reached out to the Disaster Relief Coordinator in Trimaris, though they are still taking stock of things since it’s only been a few days and almost the entire Kingdom was affected. The proceeds of the donation box will be split between the two kingdoms’ disaster relief funds.

Not going to Coronation? Donation boxes will also be available at Agincourt and Crown Tourney/20 Year as well.

Note that these must be private donations from individuals, not from SCA groups. If your group has an SCA bank account and would like to donate some of those funds to hurricane relief efforts, please contact the Kingdom Exchequer, Master Tofi, for guidance.

If you have any questions, please contact me at ariannawyn@gmail.com.

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope

Vivat Trimaris!  Vivat Ansteorra!