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Greetings to the good subjects of Æthelmearc from Sophie Davenport, Silver Buccle Herald! It is my pleasure, with the permission of Their Majesties, Gareth and Juliana, to publish the names of those vying for the title of Heirs to the Throne of Æthelmearc.

Full event info can be found here.

Fall Crown Tournament, October 7, AS 52, 2017
Combatant/Consort List.  Good Luck to All!

Duke Timothy of Arindale for Duchess Gabrielle van Nijenrode

Duke Sven Gunnarsson for Duchess Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin

Duke Malcom Duncan MacEoghainn for Viscountess Rosalinde Ashworth

Duke Marcus Eisenwald for Countess Marguerite Eisenwald

Count Andreas Morgan for Countess Kallista Morgunova

Earl Thomas Byron of Haverford and Countess Ariella of Thornbury,
each for the other

Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n’Iora for Mistress Gwendolyn the Graceful

Sir Angus MacBain for Mistress for Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon

Sir Murdoch Bayne for Baroness Rioghnach ny Rise

Sir Delphinious Aegeous for Lady Sigrid Wilhelm

Sir Alonzio of the Peacemakers for Mistress Alexandra dei Campagnella

THL Rouland of Willowbrooke and Mistress Jenna McPherson of Lion’s Tower,
each for the other

THL Freidrich Flußmüllnerin for Mistress Felicitas Flußmüllnerin

Sir Vladimir Mechnik for Lady Tomassa Isolona

Master Tigernach mac Cathail for Margareta le Sayre

Sir Arnþorr inn sterki for Lady Ceirich na Hinnsi

Sir Marek Viacheldrago for Baroness Sybilla Detwyller

Royce Bentley for Master Juan Miguel Cesar

Master Jussie Laplein for Lady Vika Vyborgskaia

Sir Beatrix Krieger and THL Thorsol Solinauga, each for the other

THL Dominic McMorland for Eleanor McMorland

THL Madison Morai for Lady Stasha Sebastyn

THL Oliver Sutton for Lady Grainne Shionnach

THL Cid Hiyo for Diane Haldie

THL Ardan Scott for Lady Deirdre Scott

Lord Marius Sittius for Lady Alita of Hartstone

Lord Wolfgang Starke for Lady Katerin Starke

Lord Cheng Tai Ren for Lady Dai Li

Lord Ulfkell Dungalson for Lady Aesa

Lord Legaire mac Connall for Lady Aurelie NicTurnear