Here is the Court Report of His Royal Majesties Timothy from the scroll of His Royal Court at Æthelwald Proving Grounds, June 24th a.s. 52 in the Shire of Sunderoak. As reported Maighstir Uilliam MacantSaoir, Sycamore Herald, Master Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant, assisting.

His Majesty thanked the autocrat, and the staff of the event for their hard work on the event.

He then thanked all present for spending the day training and enjoying the event.

His Majesty called for Lady Mollie O’Donnell. His Majesty spoke of the friendly and enthusiastic work of Lady Mollie as chatelaine for the Shire of Sunderoak, and thus Lady Mollie is awarded with a Keystone.


Mollie receives her AoA

His Majesty the called for Don Jacob Martinson who ran the fencing tournaments that day. Don Jacob had run three tournaments of varying styles to increase the skill of the fencers in the Sylvan Kingdom. The winner of the first tournament was Lord Robert MacEwan of Thornhill. The winners of the second tournament were Don Jacob and Lord Gregory Beard. The winner of the third tournament was Lord Gregory Beard.

Jacob and Gregory

Don Jacob recognizes Lord Gregory’s tournament victories

His Majesty then asked for Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope to appear before him. He asked Mistress Arianna to give report on the Youth Combat activities of the day. Mistress Arianna told great stories of the youth combatants having the opportunity to fight three adult fighters who had come up as fighters in the youth program. Mistress Arianna then thanked Lady Runa, Lord Angus and Lord Torstein with tokens from her hand.

sparring partners

Torstein, Angus, and Runa, new youth sparring partners

His Majesty then requested the presence of Roderick Longshanks. His Majesty had heard great tales of the works of Roderick as a brewer, his skill on the combat fields and his welcoming of people new to our society. His Majesty found this work pleasing to him, he then awarded Roderick Arms, and let all know that he should be called Lord Roderick henceforth.

Roderick AoA

Roderick receives an AoA

His Majesty called for Aurora Deschain. His Majesty had been told of Aurora’s work in assisting her Shire of Hunter’s Home. His Majesty felt that someone doing these works is befitting of a court title. His Majesty awarded Aurora Arms and titled her as a Lady of the court.

Aurora AoA

Aurora receives an AoA

His Majesty then requested the presence of Brillo Gunnarson in his court. His Majesty expounded on the work and accomplishments of Brillo on the tournament lists and battlefields as part of the Borderwatch of Æthelmearc. His Majesty had also heard stories of Brillo’s willingness to help others in our society. These acts make a king happy, so His Majesty saw fit to make Brillo Gunnarson a Lord of the court and award him Arms.


Brillo receives an AoA

His Majesty then demanded the presence of Burgos the Tiny. Burgos has become a skilled fighter with a polearm as well as sword and shield. Seeing that Burgos entered the court without a title, and that Burgos is working hard to protect the Kingdom, His Majesty awarded Burgos Arms and bestowed on him the title of Lord.


Burgos receives an AoA

Brjann Feilan was then requested by His Majesty. His Majesty heard tell of works done by Brjann in his home group of Hunters Home including work in kitchens, carrying heavy items and spearheading the creation of a float for a parade in the Shire. His Majesty had also heard tales of Brjann’s accomplishments on the battlefield. His Majesty felt that this work deserved to be recognized. His Majesty saw fit to give Brjann an award of Arms and the title of Lord of the court.

Brjann AoA

Brjann receives an AoA

His Majesty then asked for the presence of Lord Alaric Acwulf. Lord Alaric has served as Herald for the Shire of Sunderoak for some time. Lord Alaric also works diligently to help his shire and the kingdom. Seeing this as great work, His Majesty Timothy saw fit to add Lord Alaric to the rolls of the Order of the Keystone.

Alaric Keystone

Lord Alaric receives a Keystone

His Majesty asked for the presence of Omo Saimon Tokushou. Omo Saimon works hard at his job as Herald for the Shire of Ballachlagan. He also serves as the Cornelian Herald for the Kingdom, he cooks, and serves as steward for events in his home shire. His Majesty saw these as good works and saw fit to name Omo Saimon to the Order of the Keystone.

Tokushou Keystone

Lord Tokushou receives a Keystone

Lady Ida Thorbjornsdotter was called before His Majesty. His Majesty discussed the work that Lady Ida had done for the Shire of Hunter’s Home as Mistress of the Lists. His Majesty also discussed her work as list runner, assisting with youth combat, and her work running the Youth Polearm Tournament at Pennsic for years. His Majesty was pleased by this and added Lady Ida to the rolls of the Order of the Keystone.


Lord Gunnar and Lady Ida receive Keystones

His Majesty then sought the presence of Lord Gunnar Thorbjornson. Gunnar has organized and hosted the Youth Polearm tournament for years, he is also an enormous help in the set-up of Æthelmearc Royal encampment at Pennsic. For his hard work, His Majesty sees fit to add Gunnar Thorbjornson to the Order of the Keystone.

[Editor’s Note: A Golden Alce was awarded to Lord Angus Azurwolf at the event but was absent from the Court Report.]

Angus Golden Alce Aine

Lord Angus receives a Golden Alce

Lady Grainne Shionnach was called forward before His Majesty. His Majesty has heard of the feats of Lady Grainne on the battlefield as a combat archer and on the target archery fields where she has reached the rank of Marksman. His Majesty is well pleased by her work and bestows upon Grainne the order of the Golden Alce.

Grainne Golden Alce

Lady Grainne receives a Golden Alce

His Majesty called for the presence of Lady Ceirich na Hinnsi. Ceirich serves the army of Æthelmearc as a part of the Borderwatch Ballista Team. She also serves as a siege marshal. His majesty sees this as very helpful to the armies of Æthelmearc and awarded her a Golden Alce.


Lady Ceirech receives a Golden Alce

His Majesty then called for Lady Caoilfhionn of the Woods. His Majesty has heard good words regarding Lady Caoilfhionn’s work as a siege engineer with the Borderwatch. Lady Caoilfhionn also trains new siege engineers and helps maintain these machines and ammunition. Hearing this news, His Majesty then awarded Lady Caoilfhionn with a Golden Alce.

His Majesty again thanked the staff of the event for their hard work in preparing the armies of Æthelmearc for war.

The court of His Majesty was then closed.

Scribal information was not available for the report.

All photos by Lady Aine ny Allane.