This being the Court Report for Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle, held at the Baronial Investiture in the Barony of St. Swithin’s Bog on July 15, 2017 (A.S. 52), as reported by Sophie Davenport, Silver Buccle Herald, with the assistance of Her Grace, Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin.

Their Majesties note that the time draws near for Their Excellencies, Iago and Emilia, to retire to their country estates, and give them leave to conduct their final court.

Upon completion of their court, Their Majesties call forth Iago and Emilia to attend. After praising them on their time and service to St. Swithin’s Bog, Their Majesties asked for the Baronial Coronets, and after expressing Their thanks, allowed them to retire.

Their Majesties then call for the Seneschal of the Barony, and after confirming that the proper procedures were followed for a successful election, They called forth the elected Baron and Baroness, Gunther and Rosheen. After confirming their desire to fulfill their station and serve the Barony, They asked for Iago and Emilia to place the Baronial coronets upon Gunther and Rosheen’s heads. Their Excellencies gave their oath of fealty, were invited to take their place, and given leave to name the Captain of the Guard and the Lead Retainer.

Their Majesties continued by having business with Emily of Dunvegan, who was asked if she still wished to be inducted into the Order of Defense. With her affirmative answer, They sent her forth to her vigil.

They then called forth Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen and asked her if she had a continued wish to join the Order of Defense. With her affirmative answer, They sent her forth to her vigil.

They then called for Ælric Ravenshaw, and asked him about his intention to be inducted into the Order of the Pelican. With his affirmative answer, he was sent forth to his vigil.

Their Majesties announced that Their Excellencies would be Sitting in State for a time in the afternoon, and court was then suspended.

On the field in the afternoon, it was noted by His Majesty that a certain fighter has caught His attention. This fighter has been steadily improving himself both on and off the field and with the consent of the Order of the Chivalry, asked Thorsol Solinauga if he would consider joining this order at a time to be determined.

Thorsol Chiv Writ.jpg

THL Thorsol receives a Writ for the Chivalry

In the evening, with the populace seated and comfortable, Their Majesties gave commentary on how the children are the future of the Society, but how they also need to be entertained for the duration of court business, and sent them off in search of the Royal Toy Box to collect a toy to keep them occupied. They then gave leave for Their Excellencies, Gunther and Rosheen, to conduct their court.


Gunther and Rosheen first court

Baron Gunther and Baroness Rosheen hold their first Baronial Court

At the conclusion of the Baronial business, the court of Timothy and Gabrielle did continue with the Thrown Weapons Champion reporting that a competition was held, with the winner being Kenn the Just, who was invested with the trappings of his station. Master Tigernach presented tokens for thrown weapons ranking achievements, made by Master Antonio de Luna.

Kenn TW Champ

Lord Kenn the Just is named Thrown Weapons Champion

The Heavy Weapons Champion Tournament was held on the field, where Thorsol Solinauga was pronounced the winner. He was called forth and entrusted with keeping the Sword of State safe for Their Majesties.

Thorsol champion

THL Thorsol is named Heavy Weapons Champion

Their Majesties then called for Dorothea Stark Shütze to attend them. They expressed Their pleasure with Dorothea’s artwork and service as a retainer, and created her a Lady of the Court, bestowing an Award of Arms upon her. Scrolls are by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope and Lady Alysoun.

Dorothea AoA

Lady Dorothea receives an Award of Arms

Their Majesties next called for Svava of St. Swithin’s Bog. They spoke to her about pursuit of the fiber arts, her sewing abilities and her dancing ability, and thus inducted her into the Order of the Sycamore. The Viking stone was made by Mistress Cynthia, with wording by THL Ursula.


Lady Svava receives a Sycamore

Elizabeth Rosamond was then called forth. Their Majesties spoke of her service on the Queen’s guard, and her various rolls within the Barony for many years and inducted her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll is by Melissa Anne, with words by THL Rosheen.

Elisabeth Rosamund

Lady Elizabeth receives a Keystone

Their Majesties next called for Guillaume le Noir. They spoke to his constant service as a marshal, as a guard, and how often he is found to be lifting, carrying, and his general helpfulness. For this They inducted him into the Order of the Keystone, with a scroll by Melissa Anne with wording by Dona Caroline of Burgundy.

Guillaume Keystone

THL Guillaume receives a Keystone

Their Graces Sven and Siobhan had recently traveled to Calontir and returned with the well wishes of Their Majesties of Calontir and a gift for Their Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle.

Sven and Siobhan Calontir

Duke Sven and Duchess Siobhan bring greetings from Calontir

Ashling Na Ngleanntan was found and brought before Their Majesties. They have been made aware of her service in the kitchens, and her contributions of largesse in the form of leather items and jewelry. For these services did Their Majesties induct her into the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Eleanor of Gray.

Ashling Keystone

Lady Ashling receives a Keystone

Their Majesties then called forth Don Iago and THL Emilia and thanked them profusely for their service to the Barony in the past, presently, and in the future. With this did Their Majesties name Iago and Emilia a Baron and Baroness of the Court and placed coronets befitting their stations upon their heads. The coronets by Baron Rummy John are in progress, scrolls by Melissa the Artisan.

Iago and Emilia CBs

Baron Iago and Baroness Emilia receive Court Baronies

Roxanne of the Foxtail was summoned forth and questioned her about her throwing skills. As she is skilled at thrown weapons, and is now also a target archer and a combat archer, Their Majesties find her to be worthy of recognition and induct her as a member of the Order of the Golden Alce. Scroll by THL Mary Elizabeth Clausen.

Roxane Alce

Lady Roxane receives a Golden Alce

Their Majesties then wished to be attended by Magnus Bastiano de Vigo. They noted his beautifully crafted authentic dress and equipment that enhances the beauty of the fencing list, and his study of the Destreza techniques. For this They inducted him into the Order of the Golden Stirrup. The scroll is by Countess Anna Leigh.

Magnus Golden Stirrup

Lord Magnus receives a Golden Stirrup

Their Majesties then called for Emily of Dunvegan. They inquired about her intent to be inducted into the Order of Defense, and called for the the Order to inquire on their acceptance of Emily. With everyone in agreement, They called for a Royal Peer to speak. Her Grace Dorinda Courtenay spoke about Emily learning to fence, learning to teach fencing, and overall learning grace. Next They called for a member of the Order of the Chivalry, and Alric of the Mists answered. He spoke of Emily being known as a “killer”, a weapon of the Rapier Army, and a ‘just’ warrior. Illadore de Bedegrayne spoke on behalf of the Order of the Laurel. She spoke about Emily’s obsessive learning of the art of the rapier. Master Lodovic of Grey’s Inn spoke about the “rain being the lifeblood of the Kingdom” pertaining to her service to many communities, large and small, on behalf of the Order of the Pelican. Finally, Master Quinn Kerr spoke of Emily’s teaching of tenacity, her understanding of honor in battle, and of having courage in the face of a determined opponent. Having been pleased with the words of very noble peers, Their Majesties found Emily of Dunvegan worthy of elevation into the Order of Defense and called for the ancestral collar, the lineage book, and a personal belt befitting her new station. They then heard her oath, the scroll was calligraphed and read by Dame Vivienne, illuminated by Master Tower and Melissa Anne, wording by Master Quinn Kerr, and proclaimed her to be a Master of Defense.

Emily MOD

Dona Emily becomes a Mistress of Defense

With the Order of Defense still in attendance, Their Majesties called for Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen and asked her if she still wished to become a member of this august order. With her answer, They called for a Royal Peer to speak on her behalf with Countess Ariella of Thornbury answering the call. She spoke of how well Fredeburg represents our kingdom with her service and teaching. A member of the Order of Chivalry was asked for. Sir Alonzio of the Peacemakers stood and spoke of his household member and how she excels at many things, namely rapier combat and combat archery. He spoke of her leadership as the captain of the Arts and Sciences team representing Æthelmearc. Finally he spoke of her faith in the kingdom, in the citizens, and in herself. Next, a call was made to the Order of the Laurel and Master Quinn Kerr did answer. He asked “What is Fredeburg’s art?” His answer- she has perfected the art of failing, and thusly has excelled at the pursuit of perfection. Master Bastiano then spoke on behalf of the Order of the Pelican, and spoke of her many aspects and time of service to all stations, large and small. Finally, a Master of Defense was called for with Master Illadore de Bedagrayne stepping forward to speak of Fredeburg’s study of tactics, and her mighty prowess in combat and as a tactician. Being satisfied with these many words, Their Majesties called for the articles representing the status of a Master of Defense, with the ancestral collar, a personal collar, a sword, and cloak being brought forth to adorn her person. Fredeburg then gave her oath, the buckler prepared as the scroll made by THL Anais Fenn was read, and was proclaimed to be a Master of Defense.

Fredeburg MOD

Mistress Fredeburg becomes a Mistress of Defense

Next, Their Majesties called for Ælric Ravenshaw and asked him if it was still his wish to join the Order of the Pelican, and called for the Order to attend. A Royal Peer was requested and Countess Elena d’Artois le Tailleur came forward and spoke of Ælric’s many roles played, always as part of the staging crew, and finally being promoted to being the “stage manager.” A member of the Order of Chivalry was called for and Sir Alonzio of the Peacemakers stood to speak of Ælric’s abilities to lead and follow, to teach the gentler arts, and to promote others, all while having fun. Next, a Master of Defense was called for. Master Bastiano di Iacopo stepped forward to speak with emotion of Ælric’s quality of work above self. Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope spoke on behalf of the Order of the Laurel and addressed Ælric’s teaching the fine art of scroll making, addressing both the quality and quantity of the arts in his teachings. The Order of the Pelican was spoken for by Master Creador Twinedragon, where he told a tale of service after service after service after service, and how Ælric was instrumental in the formation of a new group. Having been moved by these words of praise, Their Majesties called for the symbols of status as a Peer. Ancestral and personal pendants, and a hood were presented. Ælric then gave his oath, the scroll by Master Creador was read, and Their Majesties proclaimed him to be a Master of the Order of the Pelican.

Aelric Pelican

THL Aelric becomes a Master of the Pelican

Their Majesties thanked the artisans who made tokens and articles for presentation, thanked the scribes for the scrolls created and given, and thanked the populace for a marvelous day.

Her Majesty Gabrielle then stood and proclaimed Melissa Anne to be her inspiration for the day and presented the Golden Escarbuncle to Melissa Anne with high praise.

Melissa Anne Golden Escarbuncle

Melissa Anne is named Queen’s Inspiration and receives a Golden Escarbuncle

The announcement was made that Their Majesties Curia was to be held the following morning in the main hall. Court was then closed.

During dinner, Their Majesties court was opened to expel Justus Clay Pease from participation in any Society for Creative Anachronism activity, and closed without fanfare.

Respectfully submitted,



All photos are courtesy of Lady Aine ny Allane.