Starting on November 10th an SCA horde will descend on a small corn maze in Pennsylvania and create some Zea-mays-ing chaos. Also known as the “Æthelmearc and East Kingdom War”, the Corn Maze Battle is the brain child of His Grace Timothy of Arindale, and is focused on relaxed fun that really speaks to the Kernel of what the SCA is all about. The event features a weekend of both heavy fighting and fencing and is focused on melee based battles. The day will include warlord style 5 man melee battles, Minotaur battles, and of course the famous night-fighting spectacular “zombie battle”! This year there is a new innovation: full contact tug of war (heavy combat)! If enough people come on Friday night there will be a torchlight jugging tourney!

Camping is encouraged and people are welcome to sit around the fire and talk about what an A-maizing time was had. Need food? No, it’s not corn…the site (Ard’s Farm) has a fantastic on-site restaurant and amply stocked farmers market. There is no excuse to go home hungry.

Sadly, after this sales pitch, it is important to announce this is the last Corn Maze Battle that His Grace will hold. Don’t worry folks, His Grace has new evil plans in the works for the future, but this will not include the corn maze. To that end, His Grace is looking to get as many people on site as are willing to come. So Cob together the gear you need and get to the maze! Links to all the important information are included below. Please keep your Ears open for updates.

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Important links and information: 

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