Greetings unto the most talented and erudite Kingdom of Æthelmearc from Mistress Alicia Langland, Chancellor of Æthelmearc Æcademy, hosted by the Shire of Blackwater!


  • 8:30 AM                Site opens
  • 9:30 AM                Opening Court
  • 10 AM             Classes begin
  • 11 to 1         Lunch served
  • 5 PM                Classes end
  • 5:30 PM                Closing Court
  • 7 PM                Site closes

PLEASE NOTE: There is minimal parking at the church. Anyone may pull into the lot to unload, but we request that spaces in the lot be reserved for those with mobility concerns. For those who are ambulatory, a free pubic parking lot is available across the street behind the Community Bank. Please use caution when using the crosswalk, as this is a major thoroughfare. Use the entrance near the marked accessibility lift.


Prepared by Lady Lasairfhiona inghean Aindriasa, lunch will be available from 11 AM to 1 PM. In order to ease overcrowding in the lunch room, gentles are asked to eat lunch either from 11 AM to noon or from noon to 1 PM. The menu includes:

  • Olive medley
  • Cheese cubes
  • Yogurt with fruit (strawberries, blueberries or other available berries, possibly orange marmalade as well)
  • Meatballs (beef/pork and chicken options )with sauces on the side (cameline sauce and pepper sauce)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Leek soup
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Bread
  • Chocolate candies
  • Coffee, hot water for tea/cocoa, possibly sikanjabin or lemonade.

Adult Classes

We have classes for bards, brewers, clothiers, cooks, dancers, fencers, fiber artists, leatherworkers, scribes, woodworkers, youths, and a host of others:


  • The Irish Bardic Tradition


  • Judging an SCA Brewing Competition
  • How to Brew Your First Beer


  • Spanish Clothing Terms for Non-Spanish Speakers
  • The Skjoldehamn Hood
  • Medieval Double Apron
  • The Goldhaube: An early 16th Century Saxon Hair Covering
  • From Seeing to Sewing: Intro to Pattern Making


  • Foundations of Period Dance Technique
  • English Dance

Fencing (War College)

  • Tricks to watch out for in fencing

Fiber Arts

  • Burn It!
  • Warp-weighted loom weights: Their story and use
  • Introduction to Silk Banners
  • Intermediate/advanced Embroidery

Food & Drink

  • What the Irish Drank
  • Before Béchamel & Hollandaise
  • Euriol’s Book of Secrets: Introduction to Recipe Translation


  • The Truth About Boleyn Green!

Japanese Studies

  • Perfectly Period Feast: Heian-kyo 2020
  • Heian-kyō 2020 : Annual Festivals of Spring and Autumn
  • Heian-kyō 2020 : Ritual, Festival, and Auspicious Food in Premodern Japan


  • Hardened Leather

SCA Life

  • MoL 101
  • Now What?! Effective Documentation
  • Talking with Your Hands

Scandinavian Studies

  • The Skalds
  • 871 +/- 2: History of the Settlement of Iceland to the year 1000
  • The Marriages of Guðrún and Hallgerður


  • Scribal Documentation and Petting Zoo
  • Illuminating using the Morgan Picture Bible
  • Basic Scribal tool Box for Illuminators
  • Whitework 101: It’s not as scary as you think!


  • Three Scandinavian Boxes

Youth Track

(Thanks to the efforts of Her Grace Duchess Ilish, the upcoming AEcademy is chock-full of fun and engaging activities for our youth.)

  • Embroidery for Children and Beginners
  • Drawing Flowers on a Scroll
  • Stuffed Eggs
  • Make and Take T-Tunic for 18-inch Doll or Teddy
  • Origami for Youth
  • Clay Play

All Youth Track classes will be held in Classroom #2. Each lasts one hour.
All supplies are provided, unless otherwise noted.
Instructors have requested a limited number of participants. Sign up near Troll to reserve a spot for your child.
Children must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the class.

Descriptions for all classes can be found here. (Click on the title for the description of the class.)

To assist in planning your day on Saturday, the full schedule is now available here.
(A printable version can be found here.)

Event details can be found here.

Visit the event’s Facebook page and find out which of your friends will be there — and let them know you’re coming, too!

(Psst … This will give our kind kitchen crew a better idea of how many people to expect …. It’s always a good idea to keep the kitchen crew happy!)