Wake for Masters Augusto Guiseppie de San Donato and Brandric Slaywrock
Sunday, November 12, 2017
Canton of Beau Fleuve

 There will be a memorial party for Joe and Brandric next Sunday from noon until whenever at the Wrights Corners Fire Company (4043 Lake Avenue Lockport, NY 14094) — an afternoon of stories, memories and music with food and drink. There will be live music, games, and an open mic, Garb is optional, food will be potluck with wings & beef on weck (possibly others), open bar (with additional donations welcome).

 There is no admission or charge. Donations to defray expenses may be accepted but are NOT required.

Ccoordinator and site liaison for the event is THL Wolfgang Starcke, who is reached most easily via email or on Facebook.

This is  a pet-friendly site, dogs are allowed outdoors, service animals are allowed inside, but please clean up after them.

Site is wet: alcohol is permitted for adults 21 and over.

Open flames are allowed.

A request has been made to set up a thrown weapons range. Please bring your weapons; we will be throwing, rain or shine.