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The report of Their Royal Majesties Gareth and Juliana at the Fabric, Fiber, and Fighting event held in their Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais on the 17th day of November Anno Societatis Fifty-Two. Maighstir Uilliam MacantSaoir, Sycamore Herald, reporting.

Their Majesties bid welcome to the populace and invited all who were attending their first event to come forward. Their Majesties welcomed the newcomers by giving them a drinking vessel so that they could enjoy themselves at future events.


Their Majesties gift those gentles at their first event with drinking vessels.

Their Majesties invited Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill and Lord Robert Hawksworth before them, Robert and Robert having served the kingdom as Bearers of the Toybox. They bid Their Majesties that another should have this honor, and at the suggestion of the Roberts, Their Majesties bestowed this honor on Lord Eustacius. Their Majesties gave Lord Eustacius di Mecina the toybox and gave him ample time to run before releasing the children.

Their Majesties asked for Baroness Elena de la Palma to come forward. It being her birthday, Their Majesties bid the populace sing to her for her birthday. Upon finishing the song, Their Majesties spoke of Elena’s overwhelmingly generous spirit, her care and dedication to helping people in the SCA and for the purest of courtesy. With that Their Majesties entered her name into the roles of the Order of the Cornelian and gave her a token from Countess Margerite Eisenwald that had been gifted to her by an artisan in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Elena Cornelian

Baroness Elena receives a Cornelian

Their Majesties welcomed Lady Dierdre Kildare, seneschal of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais to their presence. Lady Dierdre presented Their Majesties with a gift basket from the Shire to thank them for visiting.

ACG gifts

The Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais brings gifts for Their Majesties

Their Majesties invited the Autocrat, Her Ladyship Elys la Bref before them. Elys thanked everyone for attending and called forth Master Bedwyr Danwen, giving him a token for service to the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais for his work with helping at the event for many years.

Elys and Bedwyr

THLady Elys gives Master Bedwyr a shire service token

Their Majesties welcomed Mistress Alicia Langland forward, Mistress Alicia begged a boon of Their Majesties to take Elys la Bref as her protegé. This was done in the presence of Their Majesties’ Court.

Alicia and Elys

Mistress Alicia takes THLady Elys as her protégé

Their Majesties then welcomed Baroness Therasa du Domremy, who took on Lady Serena as a student and asked for permission to revisit Their Majesties at Twelfth Night with a charter to begin a Milliners’ Guild.

Therasa and Serena

Baroness Therasa takes Lady Serena as her student

Their Majesties requested the presence of Mistress Phiala O’ Ceallaigh. Mistress Phiala spoke of the wonders of those who came to teach and learn at the event. She then asked Master Bedwyr Danwen, Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa and Mistress Rosalinde Ashworth forward, naming these gentles Fellows of Fabric, Fiber, and Fighting.

Mistress Phiala then begged a boon of Their Majesties, Mistress Phiala stated that as a Mistress of the Laurel, it is her job to notify the royalty when they believe a person is prepared to be a member of the order and how there is a person present that has worked hard for the Fiber Arts, both creating and teaching others and asked Their Majesties to consider this candidate.

Their Majesties asked for this candidate to come forward and summoned Mistress Mahin Banu Tabrizi into Their court. Their Majesties then asked for Their Order of the Laurel, Their Majesties spoke of the good works Mistress Mahin has given to the Fiber and Arts community. Mistress Mahin was then given a writ to consider entrance into the most noble Order of the Laurel. (Scroll by Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh). Note: Mistress Mahin’s elevation will take place at Ice Dragon in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. 

Mahin Laurel Writ

Mistress Mahin receives a Writ for the Laurel

Their Majesties called for Katharina of the Twin Moons. Their Majesties also sought Katharina’s children, who were not present this day. Their Majesties spoke of the work of Katharina, that she has done amazing blackwork embroidery and embroidered items of largesse for the Royalty. For this, Katharina was entered into the Order of the Sycamore and Awarded Arms. (Scroll by Lady Kadlin).

Katharina Sycamore

Katharina receives a Sycamore with Arms, and accepts AoAs for her children

Their Majesties then asked Lady Katharina to carry these words to her children, Krystalis Caopziello da Napoli for her work at demos, armoring and heavy fighting, was awarded Arms. (Scroll by Mellen Fenella, Calligraphed by Isabella Montoya)

Rowhan is a heavy fighter, helps at demos and opens his shop to others to help make armor. For this, Their Majesties award him Arms. (Scroll by Mellen Fenella, calligraphed by Isabella Montoya)

Their Majesties again called for Mistress Phiala O’Ceallaigh. Their Majesties spoke of over 25 years of service to the Fiber and Arts community, of her starting the Fabric, Fiber, and Fighting event, and of her work in the Shire of Nithgard and as a local and Regional Seneschal. For her work and dedication, Mistress Phiala was granted an Augmentation of Arms. (Scroll calligraphed by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix, words by Duke Malcolm and Mistress Rosalinde)

Phiala Augmentation

Mistress Phiala receives an Augmentation of Arms

Their Majesties ordered the presence of Lord Hrolfr Fjarfell. Lord Hrolfr is well known for his work in Viking age textiles and fiber arts, so much so that there are those who wished to speak with him about his work. Their Majesties then called for Their Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc. Lord Hrolfr was granted entry into this order.( Scroll painted by Elys la Bref, Words by Master Fridrikr, Caligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix)

Hrolfr gets medallion from Fridrikr

Lord Hrolfr receives a Fleur medallion from his Laurel, Master Fridrikr

Their Majesties saw Her Ladyship Elska Fjarfelli as she was leaving with the Order of the Fleur and asked her to come forward. Their Majesties complimented her on her research, teaching, and creation of items from the Viking age. Their Majesties then called for their most noble Order of the Laurel. Her Ladyship was then given a writ to consider elevation to this order at a time of her choosing.

Elska Laurel Writ

THLady Elska reecives a Writ for the Laurel

Her Majesty then asked for Lady Antoinette deLorraine to come forward. Her Majesty thanked Antoinette for the hard work that she had done to make sure that Their Majesties were comfortable and had anything they needed. Her Majesty then gave Antoinette a Golden Escarbuncle, naming her the Queen’s Inspiration for the day.

His Majesty addressed the populace, thanking all who taught through the day and for the fighters who attended the Gage fighting that day. His Majesty reminded the populace that a Crusade was fast approaching and to prepare to travel to the southern lands of the continent at Gulf Wars and show Æthelmearc’s spirit there.

Gareth discusses Gulf Wars

His Majesty exhorts the populace to attend Gulf Wars

Their Majesties’ Court was then closed.

All photos by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.