Court Report of Their Royal Majesties Gareth and Juliana from the scrolls of the court at Æthelmearc Academy on the 4th day of November, Anno Societatis LII, in the Shire of Blackwater. Maighstir Uilliam MacantSaoir, Sycamore Herald reporting herald.

Their Majesties bid welcome to the populace and invited all who were attending their first event to come forward. Their Majesties welcomed the newcomers by giving them each a drinking vessel so that they could enjoy themselves at future events.

Their Majesties invited Lord Robert Hawksworth forward, Their Majesties are well aware of Robert’s slyness and speed. Their Majesties entrusted him with the crate of toys to run and hide from the children. Their Majesties then invited the children of the kingdom forward and set them forth on the quest to find Lord Robert and retrieve a toy.

Their Majesties called for Mistress Alicia Langland, Chancellor of the Academy, Mistress Alicia thanked the many teachers who volunteered to share their skills and knowledge at the event.

Their Majesties then requested the presence of Countess Anna Leigh, Countess Anna Leigh spoke of the many donations given to the largesse competition. Their Majesties thanked Countess Anna Leigh as well as the populace who donated items which will be used for gift baskets given by Their Majesties at future events.

Anna Leigh

Countess Anna Leigh thanks artisans for largesse donations. Photo by Countess Margerite Eisenwald.

Their Majesties then invited Countess Margerite Eisenwald to come forward, During the reign of Marcus and Margerite, They had given two young ladies of the court each a Silver Sycamore for their work in the arts community in the kingdom. Countess Margerite wanted to make sure that they two young ladies received the proper token of the order. Elizabeth von Halstern and Isabelle von Halstern were called forward. Countess Margerite passed on the tokens for the Silver Sycamore.

Their Majesties then asked Elizabeth von Halstern and Isabelle von Halstern to remain. Their Majesties stated that they had seen the hard work that both of these young ladies do for the kingdom including teaching and helping with many events. Their Majesties saw fit to give both the Silver Buccle for their service. As tokens both young ladies received silver buccles worn upon the armor of Count Jehan de la Marche. (Scrolls in progress)

Their Majesties called for Allison Motherwell. Their Majesties had heard of the good works of Allison Motherwell, who makes thrown weapons butts for the throwers of the Shire of Blackwater as well as doing other work for her Kingdom and Shire, and always with a smile. For this, Their Majesties awarded her Arms. (Scroll by THL Renata la Rouge)

Their Majesties then requested the presence of Lord Ulf Barelegs. Ulf has been reported to set up tents in the royal encampment, helps in kitchens, and co-autocrat events. For his hard work, Their Majesties saw fit to enter him into their Order of the Keystone. (Scroll by Lady Dorothea Stark Schutze)

Ulf Barlegs

Lord Ulf receives a Keystone. Photo by Countess Margerite Eisenwald.

Their Majesties asked for the presence of Lady Siobhan Renault. Lady Siobhan was not present so Baron Caleb Reynolds came forth to speak for her. Lady Siobhan has traveled the kingdom with her trusty bow and arrows hitting targets wherever she can. Their Majesties, seeing this as valuable to Their army, entered her into their Order of the Golden Alce. ( Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds)

Her Majesty again asked for the presence of Mistress Alicia Langland, Chancellor of
the Æcademy. Her Majesty was impressed with the hard work and dedication that went into organizing the Æcademy as Her Majesty had once held the same position. Her Majesty gave Mistress Alicia the Golden Escarbuncle as the Queen’s Inspiration of the day.

Their Majesties again thanked the populace for the work of the instructors and those who came forth to learn throughout the day.

Their Majesties’ court was then closed.