Ten points to the first gentle to identify the source of the title quote! (answer at end of article)

‘Tis the season for gingerbread. Gingerbread was a popular sweet during our time period, although not in the cake form we think of today. Here are some gingerbread resources for you to spice up your holidays and feasts!

From the British Library collection of digitized manuscripts comes this recipe.

“A medieval recipe for gingerbread features in a 15th-century English cookery book of extravagant banquets held at the British Library (Harley MS 279). Unlike our modern cake or biscuit-like version of gingerbread, the medieval recipe is more similar to confectionery in texture but experts agree that it will satisfy any sweet-tooth.”

This Gode Cookery blog post features the above manuscript recipe, with redaction.


(quote is from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost)