Greeting unto Sylvan Æthelmearc from Sven and Siobhán, Prince and Princess.

Good people, after much deliberation with our Royal Cousins of the East and Midrealm, as well as counsel from our peers of Æthelmearc , we have made several important decisions regarding the upcoming Pennsic War.We march into Pennsic on a road paved with almost fifty years of traditions. Many of those traditions are based in the East and Mid bearing the weight of responsibility for many of the royal functions. Although there has been ongoing dialog of how to include Æthelmearc and creating a treaty to memorialize the rotation, nothing has ever been documented. When the subject was broached with the current Heirs of East and Mid, they remain strong in the standing traditions. Together, they have requested Æthelmearc allow them to once again continue the tradition of hosting the State Dinner and Queen’s Tea this Pennsic.

Though a difficult decision, we graciously consented with the understanding that dialog concerning a treaty will continue and in hopes that our good will shall foster the growth of said treaty. We also requested that our Kingdom be provided some sort of goods or services for our graciousness! Their Highnesses have all agreed.

While this may seem like bad news, we will instead look at it as an opportunity to create new traditions and hope to use this as a springboard to make Pennsic stronger and better for all.

Ad Gloriam Æthelmearc!

Prince Sven and Princess Siobhán