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From THL Renata Rouge, new Kingdom Minister of A&S:

I have started organizing A&S consultation tables for various events here in Æthelmearc. The first one will be at College of Three Ravens in Thescorre, February 24th, 2017. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

An A&S Consultation Table is a chance for artisans to get a personal walk-through of the kingdom rubrics or judging process that we have been using at events such as A&S Champions and A&S Faire.

The purpose is to allow artisans a chance to talk to experienced judges, to see what they look for, what the format consists of, how rubrics work, and also to give potential judges a chance to discuss the rubrics and what is expected of a judge.

It is our hope that we can open a dialogue that will encourage consistency in judging and lessen the intimidation and mystique associated with entering A&S competitions.

Even if you never plan to enter A&S Champions or A&S Faire, you can use this information as opportunities for feedback. Plus, you have the chance to talk to judges outside of a competition and walk through their thought process as they use the rubrics.

We welcome experienced judges to volunteer for this. Want to help? Let us know! You’re who is going to help make these A&S Consultation Tables successful.

Never judged before and want to learn? Let us know. You can be a shadow judge. We’d welcome the company. Even an artisan can shadow judge, to get a better understanding of the process.

Our goals are:

  1. Set expectations for upcoming A&S competitions while also helping people who do not want to compete but do focus on historical accuracy
  2. Help artisans understand those expectations and create transparency
  3. Train more judges
  4. Build consistency in that feedback

We think that these goals foster learning and teaching throughout the year.
We also hope that this will make the judging experience more constructive and more enjoyable.

For more information, see the kingdom A&S website here.