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Equestrian activities at the Championship in 2014

The following information was provided by THL Aaliz de Gant, the Kingdom Equestrian Officer based on an announcement by the Society Equestrian Officer:

At the request of the SCA Board of Directors, a new waiver project has recently been completed. This project involved updating waivers to be used to events which include equestrian activities. In the past, waivers were handled in one of two ways. If horses were limited to areas that were restricted to equestrians, the MIC could opt to have only those interacting with horses complete the equestrian waiver. If the event allowed for more interaction, those members with blue cards would sign the additional equestrian waiver at troll. Those without blue cards would sign both the equestrian waiver and the society liability waiver.

Under the new policy, a combined wavier which includes both equestrian and society waiver language has been created which will be signed at troll for all attendees of an event which includes equestrian activities. In other words, the combined waiver will be signed by those with a blue card on file with the society as well as those without a blue card. There will be no need for event attendees without a blue card on file to sign a second waiver.

Due to equine liability laws in various states, there are state specific waivers for two of the states in Æthelmearc. For events held in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, state specific waivers are required. Events held in New York will use the standard society waiver. The Equestrian Marshal in Charge of the event at which equestrian activities are taking place will need to sign each waiver. Waivers will then be sent to the waiver clerk in the normal fashion.

The new waivers can be found at here under Adult Equestrian Waivers.