All the people, off to the classes at Ædult Swim!

By Lady Margareta le Sayre

This year, Ædult Swim on February 17-18 in Abhainn Ciach Ghlais will be expanding the Arts and Sciences opportunities as we strive to be more “epic.” Keeping with the practice mindset of the original Ædult Swim, we are hosting both structured classes and unstructured time with experts in different fields. If you have been struggling with a work in progress, bring it along! Odds are, you will find someone who can help.

The Garb Workroom will be open all day Saturday for anyone who needs another pair of hands or some outside advice. Sunday will have an open class on making a gothic fitted gown. The Fiber Salon will have experts in weaving, spinning, and nalbinding. In addition, the Scribal Studio is offering both beginner and advanced classes, as well as an open studio space.

An A&S display is in the works with several entries already set. There is no theme or required documentation, just the art you wish to show off! If you would like to participate, contact Lady Syele.

Nearby will be an A&S Consultation Table. This is a chance for artisans to get advice and personalized commentary in relation to the Æthelmearc rubrics for judging in competitions. Those from out of kingdom are welcome to stop by for questions. We can always suggest someone who may have more information if we don’t have the answers.

Offsite, Master Gille will be creating a historical-based beer, brewed on modern equipment. All are invited to stop by to discuss the process, ingredients, and the recipe.


What to do when your significant other is getting black and blue? You go off to see the Arts Display or take a class or two!

For those good gentles who would like a more structured setting, there will be classes on SCA topics such as Fundraising and Teaching. There are also classes on working with chocolate and a chocolate-tasting to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Finally, if anyone has ogled the garb worn by TRMs Æthelmearc, the sessions discussing their 12th C. and Viking outfits will be a perfect fit.

Are you interested in teaching? There is still time to sign up to teach! Click the link for the Teacher Sign-Up Page at the Æcademy Website.

If you have questions about the classes, or are interested in being listed as an Expert on Hand for one of the Workshop areas, contact the Class Coordinator, Lady Margareta le Sayre.