The Court Report of their Sylvan Majesties Gareth and Juliana on the celebration of Twelfth Night in their Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands on the 13th day of January, A.S. LII. Their Majesties sat in court with their Heirs Sven and Siobhan and Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hildarun of the Debatable Lands. Maighstir Uilliam MacantSaoir, Sycamore Herald reporting, assisted by Lord Ronan O’Connal, Lord Takamatsu Gentorou Yoshitaka, Master Kieran MacRae – Comet Pursuivant, and Mistress Ekaterina Volkova – Ice Dragon Pursuivant.

Graidhne vigil

Baroness Graidhne is sent to vigil.

Their Majesties opened court in the morning, calling Baroness Graidhne ni Ruaidh. Their Majesties asked Baroness Graidhne if it was her wish to continue consideration of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, Baroness Graidhne affirmed her wishes. The Order of the Laurel was called forth and given charge to take Baroness Graidhne to her vigil. Their Majesties court was suspended.

Their Majesties continued their court in the evening, giving leave to Their Excellencies Brandubh and Hildarun to continue their court.

Their Majesties continued their court by thanking everyone for attending and thanking the staff of the event for putting together such a great day.

Their Majesties asked for the presence of Lady Alethea Cowle and Lord Ulf Halfdansson to come forward for a task. Their Majesties then called for all children present to come forward. Their Majesties sent Alethea and Ulf off to hide the toybox and then sent the children to find them.


The children wait for the countdown to hunt for the toy chest.

Their Majesties asked all newcomers present to come forward, one lone gentle came forward and was given a drinking vessel by Their Majesties so that he could have something to drink from when he returns for his next event.

Their Majesties then summoned His Lordship Finn Marland O’Shannon, His Lordship Finn has been on a quest to seek his worthiness to return to wearing his livery as a member of the Chivalry. He came forward to swear is fealty to the crown and to ask that the Ladies of the Rose set him with  a quest to determine his worthiness.


THLord Finn swears fealty.

Their Majesties had the following read into the Court Record: Their Majesties have been informed by the Society Seneschal that the request of the Canton of Steltonwald to make the lateral change to the status of Shire had been approved.

Their Majesties called for the autocrats of the event, Her Ladyship Muirgheal inghen Dubhghaill and Lady Kathryn Täntzel. Their Majesties gave leave for the autocrats to address the populace and thank them for coming, and thank the staff of the event for their assistance.


THLady Muirgheal thanks the populace for attending the event.

Master Urho Waltterinen was called forward by Their Majesties. Master Urho ran the cookie competition for the day. Master Urho then read the list of cookie champions for Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, Their Excellencies, The King and Queen of Misrule and the populace.

Their Majesties again asked for the presence of Lady Alethea Cowle. Lady Alethea asked for permission to address the populace, she then thanked everyone who donated to Paladin’s Pantry. The food will be donated to a local food pantry for food insecure individuals and families.


Lady Alethea thanks the populace for their donations to Paladin’s Pantry.

Their Majesties requested the presence of Jasmine of Clan Tarn (Tuchux). Their Majesties spoke of how Jasmine had become indispensable to the youth fighters of the Barony-Marche and of the Kingdom. So they saw fit to award her Arms and make her a Lady of the Court. Scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.


Jasmine of Tarn Clan receives an AoA.

Their Majesties then summoned Nichola Beese, Their Majesties commented on her beautiful costuming work, her work in the fiber and scribal arts, her performance with the Debatable Choir, and her work in kitchens as a herald, and as a royal retainer. Their Majesties are pleased by this and do award her Arms and make her a Lady of the Court. Scroll illuminated by THL Luceta DiCosimo calligraphed by Mistress Hrefna in heppna Thorgrimsdottir.


Nichola Beese receives an AoA.

Their Majesties requested the presence of Sean of Hahvabier. Their Majesties recognize his work as an unofficial chatelaine, welcoming newcomers into the society, courtesy, hospitality and largesse for his donation of his brewing to the Kingdom party at Pennsic. For these works, Their Majesties saw fit to award Sean Arms and make him a Lord of the
Court. Scroll by Countess Anna Leigh.

Sean of Hahvabier

Sean of Hahvabier receives an AoA.

Their Majesties called for Lady Elizabeth von Stahlgeist. Their Majesties noted that they have seen good work from Lady Elizabeth as a caretaker of children, heavy marshal, assisting the MOL staff and teacher, all of this work has occurred since Lady Elizabeth was very young. With her hard work in mind, Their Majesties saw fit to name her to the Order of the Keystone. Scroll by Lady Ashling Na Ngleannta’n.


Lady Elizabeth receives a Keystone.

Lord Robert MacEwan of Thornhill and his mother, Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope, were summoned by Their Majesties. Their Majesties have watched the good work of Robert, assisting with the children’s toy box, as a retainer, guard and his work at helping set up and tear down events. For these reasons, Their Majesties added Lord Robert to the Order of the Keystone. Mistress Arianna was called forth to give Robert a Keystone
medallion worn by his father, Master Johan von Traubenberg. Scroll by Lady Nichola Beese.


Lord Robert receives a Keystone.

Their Majesties asked for the presence of Lady Ceindrich verch Elidir and Lady Elizabeth Parker. Their Majesties remarked on the service that Lady Ceindrich does on the youth field as a marshal, her work as a scribe and her work as a Chirurgeon. Their Majesties commented on Lady Elizabeth’s work at Disability Point at Pennsic, and her work in the Chatelaine’s office in the Barony-Marche. For these reasons, Their Majesties chose to induct them both into their Order of the Keystone. Maighstir Liam passed on his Keystone medallion to Lady Elizabeth, his protégé. Scroll Illuminated for Lady Ceindrich by Marcia Melia of Sable Maul, calligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix. Scroll for Lady Elizabeth by Lady Rachel Delicieux.

Ceindrech and Libby

Lady Ceindrech and Lady Elizabeth receive Keystones.

Their Majesties wished the presence of the Debatable Choir. Their Majesties are quite impressed with the service that the Debatable Choir does for the Kingdom of Æthelmearc through song. Their Majesties felt it right to induct the Debatable Choir into the Order of the Keystone. Illumination by Baron Caleb Reynolds, calligraphy by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.


The Debatable Choir is inducted into the Keystone.

Their Majesties called for Lady Aranwen verch Rhys ap Gwalter. Their Majesties have heard many tales of the work that Lady Aranwen makes largesse for the royalty to give away. They have also heard that Lady Aranwen is very courteous and welcoming to everyone that she meets. With the good words they have received, Their Majesties added her to the Order of the Cornelian. Scroll illuminated by Lady Rivka bat Daniel, Calligraphy by THL Shirin of Susa.

Aranwen verch Rhys ap Gwalter

Lady Aranwen receives a Cornelian.

Their Majesties requested their guards be ready as the demanded the presence of Master Creador Twynedragon. The guard escorted Creador in front of the thrones. Their Majesties commented that Master Creador was very sneaky. He sneaks into kitchens of new cooks and long-time cooks to see if they need help and reassures them on what a good job they are doing. For these reasons, Their Majesties inducted Master Creador into the Order of the Cornelian. Scroll illuminated by Edana the Red, calligraphed by Lady Nichola Beese.


Master Creador, surrounded by guards, receives a Cornelian.

Their Majesties asked for the presence of Lord Markus Skalpr Grimmson. Their Majesties had great words about how Lord Markus defends the Kingdom on the fencing field and his strong fencing in tournaments. Lord Markus also takes time to teach new fencers and work as a fencing marshal. Their Majesties then called for Their Noble Order of the White Scarf. Lord Markus was presented with his White Scarf and inducted into the Order. Scroll illuminated by THL Pippi and calligraphed by Mistress Isabelle de Boyce.


Lord Markus is inducted into the White Scarf.

Their Majesties then called for Lady Edana the Red. Their Majesties spoke of Lady Edana’s illumination. Their Majesties were also impressed with her pewter casting work. Their Majesties stated that there was another group who were impressed by her work. Their Majesties then called for Their Noble Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc and inducted Edana the Red into the order. Scroll illuminated by Lady Abigail Kellogg, calligraphed by Lady Ashling Na Ngleannta’n.


Lady Edana receives a Fleur.

Their Majesties asked for the Order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc to remain and then called for Lady Shirin of Susa. Their Majesties spoke of the beautiful works of art that Lady Shirin produces to be given to the many worthy people in the Sylvan Kingdom as part of their award. So without hesitation Their Majesties saw fit to induct Lady Shirin into the Noble order of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc. Scroll by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.


Lady Shirin receives a Fleur.

Their Majesties then summoned Mistress Antoinette de la Croix. Their Majesties exclaimed that Mistress Antoinette had done great work at organizing the office of the Signet and assuring that the many worthy people of Æthelmearc received beautiful pieces of art from the illuminators and scribes of Their Great Kingdom. Their Majesties had received word that others from Their Kingdom would also wish to speak to her regarding her great service. Their Majesties called for Their Most Noble Order of the Pelican. Their Majesties brought forth a Writ for Mistress Antoinette to take counsel from the Order and return with an answer at a time of her choosing. Scroll by Her Ladyship Shirin of Susa.


Mistress Antoinette receives a Writ for the Pelican.

Their Majesties called for Baroness Graidhne na Ruaidh. After Baroness Graidhne had entered the court, his Majesty presented her with a stool, made by his hand that she could use for court and furthermore to continue to make scrolls for the kingdom. Their Majesties then called forth Their Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Once the order had sought their comfort before Their Majesties, a young fairy arose from the crowd asking that Baroness Graidhne be seized and that the fairy court be called for to judge her for crimes against the fairy kind. Seeing that this caused a significant amount of distress, Their Majesties called forth the fairy court.


“King Oberon” and his herald hold fairy court.

His Majesty King Oberon asked his fair cousins to continue his court for the sake of prosecuting this woman, Baroness Graidhne for impersonating the arts of the fairy kind. A prosecutor came forth listing her crimes against the fairy kind and rebuttal was given from Baroness Graidhne’s court-appointed defense. The defense attorney asked for character witnesses, King Oberon called forth the Brownies who had been spying on Baroness Graidhne at her vigil, but they had all been eaten.

Graidhne Laurel

Mistress Graidhne is inducted into the Laurel.

King Oberon asked Their Majesties of Æthelmearc if there were any mortal witnesses to speak for this woman, statements were given by a Royal Peer, A member of the Order of the Pelican, and of the Chivalry, and of the Order of Defense, and of the Laurel. King Oberon, hearing this mortal testimony, felt that he had heard enough to pronounce Baroness Graidhne innocent of crimes against the fairy kind and she was presented with a scroll as a statement of her innocence (Scroll by THL Luceta di Cosimo), King Oberon then asked Their Majesties to have Baroness Graidhne marked in some way that she would not be confused with the fairy kind, and Their Majesties agreed to do so.

King Oberon’s court was then suspended, and the fairy court disappeared into the mists. Their Majesties continued and called for Regalia so that Baroness Graidhne might be shown in her new station and her scroll was read into the court record. Scroll by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope (Fairy Court organized by THL Luceta di Cosimo and I Genesii).

With the Most Noble Order of the Laurel still present, Their Majesties called for His Lordship Madoc Arundel. Their Majesties exclaimed that Madoc has mastered great worked of art in the brewing community and that he has shared these great works with the populace of Æthelmearc for some time. Their Majesties stated that they are very happy with his work and so too is the Order of the Laurel. Their Majesties then gave THL Madoc a writ to sit vigil at a time of his choosing to contemplate entry into Their Most Noble Order of the Laurel. (Scroll by Baroness Graidhne). The Order was then


THLord Madoc Arundel receives a Writ for the Laurel.

Their Majesties then called for Earl Byron of Haverford and Master Anais  Fenne. At coronation these two gentles had petitioned to start a Moneyers Guild within the Kingdom of Æthelmearc. Their Majesties had considered the petition and gave their permission for the Moneyers Guild to move forward.

Their Majesties called forth Lady Ashling Na Ngleannta’n. Her Majesty commented that Lady Ashling had spent a better part of the day in the Royalty Room working on scrolls so that they may be ready for their court. Her Majesty also stated that Lady Ashling had great excitement through the day as she learned new things and taught some artistic trick of her own. This inspired Her Majesty and Lady Ashling was given the Golden Escarbuncle as Queen’s Inspiration of the day.


Lady Ashling receives a Golden Escarbuncle.

Their Majesties then thanked the populace for sharing such a wonderful day in celebration of Twelfth Night.

Their Majesties’ Court was closed.

A short time later, Their Majesties asked that Court be reopened. Their Majesties had  received word that a friend to many, Duke Kenric aet Wessex of the East Kingdom, had been missing and that search efforts had been suspended. Their Majesties, joined by Their Highnesses, asked for a moment of silence for Duke Kenric.

Their Majesties’ Court was again closed.

In Service,
Maighstir Uilliam MacantSaoir – OP
Sycamore Herald

All photos courtesy of Lady Aine ny Allane.