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Pennsic is rapidly approaching and we are starting to work on some plans to make it an even better experience for any newcomers in attendance. We are reaching out to all of the Chatelaines who will be attending Pennsic, for we need your help to again implement our ideas.

We are going to once again have a dedicated Newcomers track of classes. It will be open and available to newcomers during Pennsic, at a location that is easy to find at the center of activity. Newcomers can take classes geared towards newer members and learning about the SCA and/or ask questions. Right now we are looking to first fill the time slots of 10 am – 5 pm from the Thursday of Peace Week through Wednesday of War Week (8/2/17 – 8/8/17) for Newcomer oriented classes. If we can fill those time slots, we can open up additional days and hours. I have already scheduled a couple of classes, and we are in the process of scheduling a Newcomer’s Social/Ask a Chatelaine Q & A Session, but that leaves many time slots that we need to fill with classes. And that is where you all come in. We need your help to assist with teaching classes.

You don’t need to be a Chatelaine to teach a newcomers class. These classes will need to be registered through Pennsic University like any other class being taught at Pennsic, but on the special request/accommodation part of the form, you will need to fill in “Please schedule this as part of the “Newcomer Track” in the tent set aside for newcomers (tent 19).” We are specifically looking for classes geared toward individuals who are new to the SCA. This is less about offering classes on beginner A&S topics, because individuals can seek those types of classes out on their own if they are interested, and more about helping newcomers to get acclimated and interested in the SCA. For example, a couple of years ago there was a class specifically about Pennsic and what was offered there for newcomers (and it included a guided tour). Another great class could be a guide to how court works. These are just some suggestions, but we really do need your experience and excitement about the SCA to make this a success. We are also looking for classes specific to Chatelaines and training or discussion groups. They could also be booked in the same tent. So if you have any interest in teaching some classes designed to help Chatelaines, that would be fantastic!

We are also going to have a dedicated Newcomers’ Point. Our goal is to have a place that is open and available to newcomers, where they can feel comfortable and learn more about the event and the SCA in general. Newcomers’ Point will be a set place where Newcomers can come to ask questions or get information about the SCA and/or Pennsic. We will also be able to help Newcomers get involved with their local group after Pennsic. It will be located under the same tent as the Pennsic Watch, and we will need your help staffing the tent. Please consider having your Kingdom sponsor a day of volunteering at Newcomers Point. We will be posting more about volunteer opportunities as it gets closer.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at chatelaine@sca.org. Let’s work together to make this Pennsic amazingly special for newcomers!

In Service,
Duchess Kalisa Aleksandrovna
Society Chatelaine