As you attend your first events and marvel at all the wonders this society provides you- keep a few thoughts close to your heart.

Firstly, you don’t have to rush, there’s time to relax and I encourage you to relax often. There’s no need to choose a name today, and it doesn’t matter what you wear so long as you are happy. Most importantly you don’t need to define who you want to be, use this time to explore who you can be. Take years if you want and try everything, let no person tell you who you are!

This society is a wondrous entity with something for everyone. Don’t worry if your “thing” isn’t obvious in the beginning − that’s ok.

Secondly, try something new and scary! There is more to the SCA than can be imagined at first glance. At your fingertips there are fighting, the arts, and the sciences. While you’re learning, takes notes, you’ll never know when someone will want that knowledge. Don’t be afraid to speak up, no matter how new you are, YOUR voice matters. Like everywhere in life, there will be people you love and some you can’t stand. Wherever individuals fall on that scale and no matter what title they hold, treat all your fellow SCAdians with respect and expect nothing less than the same.

Thirdly, be cautious with your words and actions. As life has taught us, words hold weight and actions cannot be undone. We all make mistakes; to be human is to err, but remember: when mistakes inevitably happen, be honest, own up, and never be afraid to reach out. Your fellow SCAdians have all been new to the society at one time in their lives, from Kings and Queens to merchants and teachers and all of us in between. We know it can get overwhelming and we are all here for you, rooting for you.  All of us from every part of the Known World want you here, we want you to enjoy yourself and to grow within the society for that purpose. Your local Chatelaine is an ocean of knowledge, a fantastic guide through your first days, and any questions you have that they can’t answer, they definitely know a member who can.

Lastly, speaking for all of us, if ever you need, we are here.

Yours in Service.

Lady Syele Pfeifferin